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New information foreshortening in the "Skrypal Case"

20.06.2018 12:50

Stasy Dementieff

In the case of the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia there were new "sensational" details, which on the air of the TV channel "" voiced by Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon.

According to him, the Russian authorities bribed "agents of influence" in order  to allow the World Cup to be held. In addition, he repeatedly predicted that this largest sporting event will not take place because of the "boycott" declared by the Russian Federation from Western countries. According to the Ukrainian journalist, this information was repeatedly confirmed by Western intelligence and "serious sources" in Russia. However, who are these "respectable people"? The journalist for some reason is silent. Dmitry Gordon also claims that certain events should also contribute to the boycott of the 2018 World Cup, including an assossination attempt on the ex-colonel of the GRU and his daughter Julia in the British Salisbury.

Now, when the Championship was held, the journalist "quite logically" blamed Putin for everything, saying that the Russian president "bought everyone". At the same time, he expressed the conviction that "bribery of politicians of the first echelon is carried out not only with money, but with all sorts of preferences," in particular, participation in business. The journalist also suggested that US President Donald Trump was talking about the return of Russia to the Group of Eight. According to Gordon, this can only mean one thing: the Kremlin's hand is already. According to Gordon, this shows that the Kremlin's hand has already reached the White House. "Trump is afraid of Putin. Otherwise, why would he invite Russia to the G8? - the journalist asks the "quite logical" question.
Earlier, the journalist predicted the "early return" of Crimea to Ukraine. But we have to state: the journalist does not have the gift of foresight, as the "facts", which operates in their statements.

There is a next and very clumsy attempt to unleash a new round of information war against Russia. However, the desire to link the largest sporting event of the year with the "secret intrigues of Kremlin agents" looks untenable in the eyes of the world community. As, however, and the desire to stir up the interest of the world community to become already irrelevant "The Skripal Case". It seems that the media are looking for any clue that will allow them to "untwist" the next round of "anti-Russian hysteria". However, the case of poisoning in Salisbury, initiated by the British government under the leadership of Theresa May, primarily undermines the prestige of the United Kingdom, and not Russia, risking ending with the early resignation of the British prime minister.