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The Planned Healing

25.05.2018 15:22

Andrew Beyzer

A new episode in the "Skripals Case" was opened this Wednesday with the interview of former Colonel GRU Sergey Skripal's daughter Yulia to the British news agency Reuters. Sensational statements were not made: Julia expressed gratitude to the British doctors, asked to respect her personal life and shared her desire to eventually return to Russia. Her story about the "depressing" treatment process confirmed the scar on her neck from tracheostomy - a procedure, when a person for some reason can not breathe. This indirectly indicates the possible consequences of poisoning with a potent chemical, such as spasm of the larynx.

At the same time Yulia looked even better than before the poisoning. She looked too vigorous for whom was literally recently in a state of deep coma. And then the main contradiction arises: the British leadership in the first days after poisoning with nerve agent "Novichok" stated that even if the Violins survive, they will remain disabled for life.

In addition, Russian-speaking citizens immediately noticed that the Skripal pronounced text sounds unnatural for Russian speech. It seems that Julia's speech has all the signs of readiness: it strikes a discrepancy between the meaning of the words used and the intonation with which they are pronounced. This, in turn, indicates that the speaker has learned in advance the text and it was written not by him. So why then did the British need this "staging"?

Obviously, the "sudden" appearance of Yulia Skripal in the information space can be a continuation of London's strategy of manipulating public opinion. After all, the high level of anti-Russian hysteria is gradually coming to the end, and new convincing evidence of Moscow's guilt in poisoning from the British investigation has not appeared. Therefore, the confessions of the witness, who is also the victim, are the most valuable testimonies that can only be made within the framework of British justice.