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The mystery of the Skripal

23.05.2018 14:26

Andrew Beyzer

According to British media, former GRU Colonel  Sergey Skripal completely recovered from poisoning with a neuromuscular substance and was discharged from the hospital. At the same time, London will certainly try to make him as an instrument in the struggle against Moscow.

At the moment there are no official statements and speeches before Skripal's own press. However, one thing is clear: the "recovery" of Skripal means that the deadly poisonous substance "Novichok", which according to the British side was produced in Russia, was not used against him.

Therefore, after London could not provide convincing evidence of Moscow's guilt in the incident, the British special services decided to change the script and "resurrect" Skripal in order to he accused the "insidious special services of the Kremlin". It was for this reason that the ex-spy for so long in a coma quickly recovered.

However, it is worth recalling that at first the British authorities reported the grave condition of the victims, and that even if they survive, they will remain mentally disabled. But now, in a critical situation, when Britain risks losing its international credibility due to the unsuccessful provocation of the "Skripal case," London will have to "demonstrate" the testimony of the main victim. And it does not matter whether Sergey Skripal himself will speak to the public or the British authorities will "answer" for him. As it was with his daughter Julia, who is still in an unknown place.

This information will not only help restore the level of anti-Russian hysteria to the high level, but will also allow the British to save their own reputation. After all, if Skripal does not give London's testimony, it turns out that all the bravura statements of British Prime Minister Therese May and other British officials about Russia's fault in using chemical weapons were completely groundless.

Thus, Skripal, whether he wants it or not, will provide London with "one more service". The former GRU colonel, who has already become a sacred victim, will continue to be used as a puppet in the overall strategy of confronting with Russia. However, if you remember the all traitors stories, then after they become "used material", they will inevitably forget.