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Decontamination of the truth

25.04.2018 18:21

Andrew Beyzer

Despite the lack of evidence of Russia's guilt in the Salisbury incident, the British leadership continues to fuel anti-Russian hysteria in Europe. With an immediate confirmation of almost two months, but the British investigation has not yet provided a final report on the "Skripal case". Moreover, London has begun the phase of the final decontamination of the territory affected by the use of chemical agents.

According to Sky News, three military trucks arrived in Salisbury to start cleaning up contaminated sites after poisoning double agent Sergey Skripal and his daughter. The convoy entered the city on Tuesday to begin decontamination of the "hot spots" of the nerve agent.

British troops unloaded two metal containers and a mini robot from the shopping center The Maltings, on the bench where they found Skrypals. The area near the bench is included in one of the nine facilities that are to be cleaned. It is noted that this may take several months.

Thus, Britain is trying to hide the latest "inconvenient" evidence that can open truth on the true perpetrators of the poisoning of a former GRU officer. The operation to decontaminate the area in Salisbury until the end of the official investigation was a continuation of London's provocative policy on the "Skripal case". However, an outright lie  can lead to irreversible consequences in the future and damage the reputation of the current government, headed by Prime Minister Theresa May.