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Waiver In Writing

13.04.2018 15:54

On Monday, the daughter of former Colonel GRU Sergei Skripal Julia was discharged from the hospital in Salisbury, despite previous statements by British Prime Minister Theresa May that poisoning victims may never recover. After that, in an environment of the strictest secrecy, she was taken to a "safe place", which eventually turned out to be a hospital at a military base. The British authorities explained their actions with fears about the unknown consequences of poisoning with the nerve agent "Novichok".

Scotland Yard published her statement in hard copy. In this document she allegedly declares her unwillingness to communicate with the press and the proposal of the Russian embassy. In addition, she asked her cousin not to try to contact her.

In the absence of reliable information there is a suspicion that the text can be falsified. The text is clearly drawn up in such a way as to support the official statements of the British authorities and at the same time to exclude any possibility of Yulia's contact with the outside world.

The UK continues to deny Russia information about the whereabouts of Sergey Skripal's daughter and her state of health. Such a move indicates that the British authorities are defending their rights and protection.