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Triple agent

09.04.2018 16:37

According to the British media, the former GRU officer Sergey Skripal regained consciousness, his daughter Julia is already able to talk and eat herself. However, a few weeks ago they were on the verge of life and death. However, the question arises: how did they manage to survive after poisoning with the deadly poison as "Novichok"?

According to Professor of Toxicology at the University of Leeds Alastair Haye, this "miraculous" recovery was made possible by the rapid and highly qualified care of British doctors. According to him, the paramedics who quickly arrived in place, while the Skripals still breathed, and help them not to die.

There is an impression that the British emergency services were ready in such a past and in the shortest possible time to "isolate" the Skripals. In addition, to protect patients who were supposed to have a special antidote. These facts suggest that the poisoning was a well-planned provocation by British and...American special services.

Not surprisingly, immediately after the improvement of the state of Sergey Skripal and his daughter, information appeared on the possible resolution of political asylum in the United States and their concealment under foreign names in that country. This supposedly should save the Skripals from new attempts on their life. However, behind this may lie the desire of the British and American authorities to hide the victims, so they did not tell us too much about the incident in Salisbury.

The reason for this may be the "triple play" of the former colonel of the Russian special services. So, independent journalist Jam O'Neill published his investigation into the case of Sergey Skripal. He points to the connection of a fugitive Russian spy to a British intelligence agent Pablo Milard, who was an intermediary in the transfer of information to a CIA employee, Christopher Steele. And when Skripal was exchanged and he moved to Salisbury, his cooperation with Milard continued, and through him, with Steele. Surprisingly, the latter to everything else is the author of the so-called "Russian dossier" on Donald Trump.

Thus, the attempt on Sergey Skripal could be a consequence of his cooperation with US and British special services. He became the ideal "sacred victim", which was supposed to elucidate to the whole world "cruelty and cunning of Russia". However, the British have already begun to understand that in their lies they were trapped, and now they are trying to get out of it, including with the help of the United States.