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An English Murder

26.03.2018 20:00

Sergey Artyukhin

The case of the former GRU officer Sergey Skripal continues to move. Hysteria over the "Russian threat" in the entire European Union increases with the giving of British Prime Minister Theresa May. 23 Russian diplomats were expelled from the United Kingdom, but the British authorities are not going to limit this: now Britain calls on the EU countries introduces diplomatic restrictions with Russia. Against the backdrop of the lack of direct evidence and London's refusal to cooperate with Moscow, the question remains open: where did this mysterious substance A-234 called the "Novichok" actually come from?

By a strange coincidence, Porton Down is located not far from Salisbury. This is the British Complex of chemical and biological war, whose official activity is the disposal of old weapons of mass destruction. At the same time, in this site is simultaneously working on the study of poisonous substances for "working out measures to eliminate the consequences after their application".

In addition, drills with the code name "Toxic Dagger" began on the basis of the center with the British army two weeks before the poisoning of Skripal. One of the tasks of these activities was to work out the actions with people affected by nerve gas.

According to the Internet resource "Royal Navy", the main unit which took part in the exercises was a group of special forces "40 Commando Royal Marines". It is noted that this special unit has constant retraining in order to first act in the affected area. Moreover, this resource notes that two days after poisoning during "Toxic dagger" drills issues were worked out and counteraction to chemical contamination in conditions close to the combat ones. At the same time, a new item appeared in the list of training objectives - development of protective measures against "Russian chemical weapons".

It is also noteworthy that the conclusion about the poisoning of the former British agent was carried out by specialists of the same research complex in Porton Down. And on the basis of their findings, officially London instantly sentenced Moscow to a verdict without having bothered to conduct a more detailed investigation of the incident.

Thus, there are new and more close to reality circumstances in the "Skripal case". Under the guise of the drills an "accidental" leakage of a dangerous substance could occur and it followed by a poisoning of the so necessary for Britain "sacred sacrifice". And this was another reason for the beginning of a new wave of political and financial repression against the "eternal fear of Europe" – Russia, as it has happened more than once in the history of Western diplomacy.