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Russia and U.S Should Normalize Relations – American Expert

30.08.2017 17:59

Russian-U.S. relations are in a perilous state. William Perry, a former secretary of defense under Bill Clinton, terms the situation "worse than the Cold War".

Russian leader Vladimir Putin does want to reassert Russia's influence on the international stage, and challenge what he sees as America's unipolar delusion, Katrina vanden Heuvel, an editor and publisher of the Nation, said. According to her, the United States has seen itself as the global arbiter, the "indispensable nation", dismissing the legitimacy of any other nation's sphere of influence. The Pentagon does designate Russia as its leading adversary. The United States has encouraged the "color revolutions" in Georgia and the coup in Ukraine.

However, according to the political scientist, two countries possessing over 90 percent of the world's nuclear weapons urgently need a working relationship. A working detente requires persistent efforts to find areas of agreement and to settle disputes, rather than a willingness to freeze relations, deepen sanctions and escalate military posturing.

In her opinion, the first priority for the United States should be re-engaging Russia in efforts to reduce nuclear arsenals. They should be working together – as they did in the P5+1 negotiation over Iranian nuclear-weapons capacity – to stop the spread of nuclear weapons, the expert said.

The analyst claims that the United States and Russia also have a shared concern about the terrorist threat posed by ISIS (outlawed in Russia) and its offshoots. According to her, Russia and the United States must unite their efforts in the fight against terrorism.