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Disinformation Is Main Feature of American Media – US Journalist

09.08.2017 14:21

Tyler Durden, American journalist, is convinced that the majority of mass media in the United States produces fake news.

He lists the facts when the White House initiated military campaigns, which was encouraged by the media.

"Do you remember the illegal US bombing and destruction of Yugoslavia? Do you remember the destruction of Iraq justified by the orchestrated propaganda about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction? Do you remember the destruction of Libya based entirely on Washington’s lies and the criminal misuse of the UN no-fly resolution? Do you remember the lies that the Obama regime told about Assad of Syria and the planned US invasion of Syria? Do you remember the US coup in Ukraine against the democratically elected government and its replacement with a neo-nazi regime?" he asked readers.

All of the lies leading to the death of millions were transparent. The US media could easily have exposed them and saved the lives of millions of peoples and saved seven countries from destruction in whole or part, journalist resumed.