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Mosul: failed bloody victory

15.11.2016 00:47

U.S. is in a hurry to mark its "victories" in a counter-terrorist front. The president Obama ordered to destroy the leaders of "Nusra", U.S.-supported Free Syrian Army and the Kurds press the offensive to take Raqqa under control and Iraqi forces with US military instructors keep fighting to gain Mosul.

But Mosul turned out to be a real failure up-to-date. The Americans rushing to put one more "flag" of fighting terrorism show their muscles again and stake at air strikes. So, they make "mistakes". According to the chief of the main operational directorate of the Russian Armed Forces General Staff lieutenant general Sergei Rudskoy, U.S. Air Force attacked the al-Hajj Yunus school for girls in Mosul October, 21, that had left some people killed and injured. And now "Mosul hospitals are overwhelmed by child casualties", The Telegraph reported. Moreover, a great number of children are prevented to receive medical care. The massive attacks had been carried out on residential areas near Mosul. That again had led to victims.

That is why the humanitarian situation in Mosul predictably worsens. The terrorists use the local population as human shields, block humanitarian corridors and execute the residents as "spies" and "dissenters", trying to intimidate and thus to prevent the people from opposing the terrorists. 50 men were crucified and hung up a few days ago. The number of displaced persons since the Mosul offensive started is about 45000. One million residents just have no way out. According to observers, the situation in the city is likely to worsen.

The cynicism of the U.S. is in the fact that Mosul is just a potential victory symbol of fighting terrorism for them. The "victory" that would be a rival to the success of Moscow, Damascus and Teheran in Syria. Furthermore, it's vitally important for the White House not to defeat ISIS but to "export" extremists from Iraq to Syria to prostrate the government and the people of Syria. Obama administration is sure to show that it really has a strategy in the Middle East, though the U.S. president declared on the contrary. But that "strategy" turns out to be just one more trick made upon the International Community and one more humanitarian catastrophe, "made in USA".