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The War in the East of Ukraine Continues

23.11.2015 13:36

A law legalizing the use of foreign mercenaries in Ukrainian internal conflicts, previously adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on October 6, came into power. The explanatory note to the document states that the law was adopted in order to "enhance Ukrainian AF combat capability and reduce human and financial costs for Ukraine, which are a consequence of the fighting in the south-east of the country." Ukrainian MPs are also confident that "after foreigners will recieve a possibility to legally serve in Ukrainian AF the country will receive more capable, experienced and motivated combat units." The bill also states that due to the use of foreigners Ukraine could reduce the need to mobilize citizens and should further "reduce the cost of different forms of payments to former combatants, disabled and families of those who died."

Retired Russian Army colonel Viktor Litovkin, now a military analyst for TASS news Agency, commented the adoption of this law for the "Russian peacekeeper."

"Ukraine is trying to solve its internal problems with foreigners' hands. Once again, Kiev tend to be draw representatives of other countries into a civil war that continues in the south-east. They want to perform this not only through adopting this law, but further through deploying peacekeeping forces on their territory. They want the so-called "peacekeepers" to help them solve their Donbas "terrorists" problem. This is their main political goal" - said the expert.

According to Litovkin, a law legalizing foreign mercenaries can in no way contribute to reducing human and financial costs for Ukraine, as the civil-war in Donbas will only continue, which can be clearly pointed out from this legislation signed by Poroshenko, and thus will only lead to the deaths of many more people in Ukraine.

By legalizing the service of foreign mercenaries, Ukrainian leadership has enabled the influx of new personnel into its armed forces punitive punitive batallions' ranks. So, now anyone can come to Ukraine to kill civilians in exchange for salaries from the state budget.