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A New "Nuremberg Trial" Waiting for Culprits

17.11.2015 16:07

This year, November 20 will mark the 70th anniversary of the Nuremberg Trial - the international trial over former leaders of Nazi Germany. It took place from 20 November 1945 to 1 October 1946 at the International Military Tribunal of Nuremberg (Germany) became the first experience of a global condemnation of war crimes.

Fascism as a phenomenon is considered to be an attribute of the last century, which has been eradicated by the allied USSR, UK and US troops. It would be fair to note that the main contribution to the defeat of the German fascist invaders was done by the Soviet Union. Great Britain lost in the battle against German troops about 287,000 people, the United States - over 405,000. Whereas while defending their homeland and freeing enslaved Europe, eight and a half million (!) Soviet soldiers died fighting the Nazis. And it simply won't make any sense comparing the number of deaths of civilians at the hands of Nazi troops in different countries as the number of Soviet citizens among them is disproportionate.

It's no secret that Hitler was "led" to power by American and British elites for some years. Only with their hidden support he started to capture territories of other European countries under false or fabricated pretenses. Then London and Washington used the war to their advantage, delaying the opening of the second front as long as possible.

They were counting on the final depletion and weakening of the main belligerents - Germany and the Soviet Union, so that after the war it would be easier to "liquidate" them. The Soviet Union emerged from the War with a shattered economy, while the UK and the US - at the peak of economic development. After all, no wonder they say, "one man's meat is another man's poison." And until now, war has been the main source of revenue for Washington.

Today in Europe the seeds of fascism are beginning to sprout once again. And the "main" European country which openly cultivates this ideology is a former Soviet republic, now a sovereign state of Ukraine. After the so-called "revolution of dignity", but in fact a coup d'etat, organized and sponsored by the West, downright fascists and neo-Nazis came to power in Kiev. Everything connected with the Soviet period of history is furiously hated by their lot.

Today West's main aim was the separation of Ukraine from Russia, breaking of all open connections - political, economic, cultural, and kindred. And the Ukrainian puppet government, appointed by Washington, successfully copes with it. Incompetent Ukrainian leadership has solely one purpose - to harm Moscow. However, the inept puppet government, that lacks any logic in the government decision-making led people to dissatisfaction, because many Ukrainians ended up below the poverty line.

Oligarcs in Ukraine pay no attention to ordinary people's problems. They "squabble" and divide businesses and spheres of influence, plotting and preparing "revolutions" against each other's organizations. For example, a "true patriot" of Ukraine, leader of the neo-Nazi organization "Right Sector" Dmitry Yarosh said November 11 that removes from office.

"I am personally responsible for everything that happens in the organization, I can't act as some VIP, so resign from being "Right Sector" leader, while continuing to be a nationalist and a revolutionary" - Yarosh wrote on his Facebook page. Obviously, feeling a "conspiracy plan" being prepared against him in his own organization, and that in the end he will have to answer for the war crimes committed by "Right Sector" against the civilian population of Donbass, Yarosh decided to flee the country "with honor and dignity" to avoid justice.

Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov is another one to periodically think aloud about his possible resignation. In an interview, he said: "At some point I would be "crucified" or else, or simply dismissed from my post. This is a normal process." Of course, with the proviso that he will not leave his post and will faithfully carry out his duties. But it is evident that today in Ukraine, none of the officials can guarantee that tomorrow he won't be asked to leave his post.

Personnel policy of the president of Ukraine is not characterized by common sense nor the desire to optimize work of authorities for the benefit of the people, but simplyby the redistribution of spheres of influence and the desire to get rich at the expense of most ordinary people, and at the same time to seize state property. After the default of Ukraine all this can be profitably sold to European and American tycoons who would eagerly invest in "independent Ukraine", actually turning it into their "subsidiary farm."

All this once again proves that fascism and neo-Nazism previously fostered in Ukraine, is now slightly modified comparing to the 40's, but still serves Western interests. Ukraine has become a hotbed for the spreading fascism in the 21st century, and thus a new "Nuremberg trial" is awaiting it's culprits. However, I want to believe that common sense will prevail and people opposing the Fascist regime in Kiev can change the situation.