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West Will be Forced to Negotiate With Bashar al-Assad

12.11.2015 14:39

Russia advocates the creation of a broad coalition to deal with ISIS and believes such measure is the key to success in the fight against international terrorism. However, according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, "many of our partners are trying to evade resolving the situation in Syria, restricting the  situation to abstract calls for the resignation of Syrian President." Associate Professor of RGGU, Sergey Seregichev told "Russian peacekeeper" why the Western coalition against ISIS sees the solution to Syrian crisis in the resignation of Assad.

"The resignation of Bashar al-Assad, on the contrary, will contribute to the development of terrorism in Syria. The logic of our partners in the fight against ISIS is that they believe the current Syrian president to be a greater evil than ISIS militants. They believe that at first it is necessary to overthrow the country's president, and only then deal with this terrorist organization. Western countries are trying to ignore the obvious example of Libya and Iraq, where the collapse of statehood has not led to a rapid establishment of democracy,"- said the expert.

"Barack Obama has already made advances towards Vladimir Putin. It is possible that the next step of the American president would be avoiding the ousting of Assad. But this is unlikely: in such case the Democratic party won't stand a chance at the next presidential election in Syria. Therefore, this idea is hard to give up. This is a car without reverse gear, it can only fall apart along the way or move on forward. The Russian leadership is well aware of it, and so it wants Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other countries to stop supporting all of these terrorist groups. The Americans, in turn, should stop creating favorable conditions for the spread of ISIS and Dzhabhat al-Nusra's terrorist activities," - said Seregichev.

"But they still do not hurry, because they believe that they need a minimum of effort to destroy the militants if Assad is gone. They mistakenly believe that the main problem is Assad. And they can not acknowledge their mistake, for it will become clear that for the past four years Obama has lied to Americans, saying that Assad is brutal dictator. He can be replaced by radical Islamists, who don't negotiate, but simply cut out all dissent and destroy cultural heritage. However, for the American politicians their own credibility lies above all. It must be saved at all costs, even at the cost of lives of all Syrian people, just to show that they wanted to have a democratic paradise in Syria. It is obvious that supporting terrorist groups formed on the basis of radical Islamism is the wrong move, but, nevertheless, the US continues doing this because a significant part of the political elite of the country is interested in this. In addition, Obama is pressured by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who spent billions of dollars to overthrow the legitimate Syrian government,"- said Seregichev.

"The only way to change the policy of the Western countries in Syria is to literally destroy all the terrorist groups they support. In addition, borders must be closed to prevent ISIS fromrecieving more people, arms and ammunition. If soon the Syrian army will crush the militants, the balance of power will change. And then they will have to negotiate with Assad, who is currently the symbol of resistance," - concluded the expert.