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Infowar: Cyber Boy Scouts Attack!

07.10.2015 18:33

It's only been only a few days since the 70th session of the UN General Assembly, where Vladimir Putin called for the creation of a broad front to combat ISIS. And now the core of the coalition begins to take shape - Iraq, Iran and Egypt are interested in fighting the caliphate.

In Baghdad, an information center to coordinate the fight against the terrorist group was created. This structure will solve problems of data collection, processing and analysis information about the Middle East crisis. The main thing is a reporting data on the location of illegal armed groups militants' positions for their deliberate destruction.

Such cooperation is already bearing fruit. According to military experts, in just three days military space forces of Russia committed 60 armed sorties, destroyed more than 50 terrorist infrastructure buildings. According to Arab media, terrorist groups are in panic: 600 militants left their positions and are retreating. And what about the West?

The West does not support Russia's allied operation against international terrorism. Obviously, something prevents establishing a real partnership between the former allies in the fight against Nazi Germany. One of the main obstacles - the inertia of the "Cold War", left in the western information policy in general, as well as media manipulation.

The US and some European media actively manipulate facts in light of Russia's struggle with ISIS. The real picture is often distorted to a complete loss of common sense.

The main aim of Moscow is the construction of a naval base in the Mediterranean Sea

Of course, Russia is interested in expanding its military and political presence abroad. This is due to its desire to take proactive steps to protect its own security. The fight against terrorism is coming to the fore: according to some sources, there are already several hundred terrorists in Russia, previously trained in Syria. In addition, there is the "Caucasus Emirate" terrorist group in Russia , whose leaders have sworn to ISIS. Thus fighting against terrorism and assisting allies in accordance with international law (Syria itself has asked Russia) are the main motives of Moscow in projecting its military power abroad.

Russia seeks to create a lever of pressure on Europe, controlling the flow of refugees

For Russia, manipulating migratory flows is extremely dangerous: they can bang it like a boomerang, because EU is only tightening border control, and some of its countries are introducing and internal control regime.

According PhD Vladimir Shalako, a content analysis expert (study of the content of the text), its US and UK behind the shaft of migration to Europe. He collected more than 19 thousand Twits responding to "refugees". It turned out that Germany is mentioned in reports in about a half the cases. Having selected pages in social networks for regional affiliation, the expert found that the first two places are occupied by US and UK which means that, the call for migration to Germany is transmitted from these countries.

Of course, it's just an element of scientific work, and you can argue about the reliability of its results. However, the world has not forgotten the bloody "Arab Spring", when a virtually collected through American Twitter wave of protest destroyed normal life in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and other countries. The easiest way is of course to once again blame Russia for their own sins.

Moscow defends its weapons market

According to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, "weapons are supplied to Syria worth hundreds of millions of dollars." The total amount of orders is worth 15 billion dollars. Of course, it's a decent amount, and its loss under Western sanctions would be palpable. However, this is unlikely to be the cause for a large-scale military operation, that caused such a resonance in the world. In addition, Russian Federation ranked second in the world in terms of sales of military equipment and weapons, including due to the large number of partners, such as Latin America, North Africa, Central and Southeast Asia, the Asia-Pacific region. Therefore, Moscow feels confident on the global arms market and does not need power to provide its policy in this area.

Russia fights ISIS to the advantage of its energy projects

Moscow is supposedly afraid of Qatar building a pipeline to the Mediterranean Sea as a competitive project in relation to the Russian transit arteries.

In fact, Russia is simply eliminating the source of instability created by the United States for the benefit of controling strategic energy routes and as a lever of pressure on Europe. In addition, Moscow works with Turkey, Greece and other countries on the options for constructing from two to four pipeline "threads" of the "Turkish stream." Possibly, there are alternatives. Therefore, in this area rates are not so high to carry out a major military operation.

President Putin is playing the Ukrainian card in Syria

According to US "Bloomberg" the Russian President seeks to ensure that his allies take control of as much Syrian territory, thus improving their negotiating positions. Whilst the "diplomatic and propaganda machine" creates a "smokescreen" about his true intentions.

President Putin has openly voiced Russia's plans to combat ISIS. It is the creation of a broad coalition, with the participation of countries in the region.Only the form of cooperation between states in the framework of anti-terrorist front may be discussed, rather than the actions of Moscow or the resignation of Bashar al-Assad. Actually its Americans who are now in need for negotiations, because they no longer can fix their own mistakes in the region, which previously led to chaos in Iraq, Libya, Syria.

Putin seeks to raise his rating

The main reason for the use of Russian forces in Syria - a drop in President Putin's ratings due to Western sanctions' pressure. Moscow's dropping into a long-term conflict is predicted, and thus parallels with the war in Afghanistan are drawn.

However, according to "Levada Center" opinion polls which can not be suspected of sympathizing with the Russian authorities, about 80% of the population supports the Russian President. By the way, the head of the US Committee on Intelligence Dianne Faystayn announced in September 2014 that the Russians are patient and courageous people who love their leader and can overcome any economic difficulties. But the US administration does not listen to their intelligence analysts. Apparently, they're satisfied with cyber boy scout comfortable conclusions.

The source of Islamic extremism is in Russia

The Russian government and society do not apply to Muslims with respect.

This statement simply has nothing to do with reality. September 23, 2015, the Moscow Cathedral Mosque was opened. President Vladimir Putin together with the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, leader of the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, chairman of the Russian Council of Muftis, Ravil Gainutdin attended the ceremony. It would be hardly possible, if Russia pursued Islam supporters. In addition, there are more than 20 million Muslims in Russia. They are mainly engaged in trade, culture, sports, and are closely integrated into the Russian society.

Putin is an accomplice of the murderous regime

The Russian president is not fighting ISIS but simply protects the "bloody regime" of Bashar Al-Assad

"Tyrant", "despot" - all this the international community has seen in Western media when Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein were being overthrown. The result - the triumph of terrorism and destruction of the country.

The Middle East region initially has far greater conflict potential, because of its ethnic and religious diversity. Only hard ruling brings East the needed stability. The situation in Syria is no exception. Therefore Vladimir Putin supports the legally elected president Bashar al-Assad, who seeks to restore integrity of the country and establish a normal life for its citizens.

Russia is not at war with ISIS

Russian airstrikes are not aimed at ISIS

Russian aerospace forces conduct airstrikes versus both ISIS and other terrorist organizations' positions. The effectiveness of these actions is emphasized by Western media, talking about the panic among terrorists' ranks. However, "Associated Press" recently reported Pentagon's intention to explore the possibility to use US armed forces to protect illegal armed groups, previously trained by American instructors, also known as "moderate" opposition. Thus, Washington divides terrorists into "good" and "bad." It explains the poor effectiveness of coalition missile and bomb strikes, as those can't tell friend from foe.

Civilians get killed during Russian airstrikes

Civilians, including women and children get killed due to Russian attacks in Syria

In such reports, the Western media often refer to "unnamed" sources or simply fabricated evidence. By the way, an element of manipulating the world public opinion lies in the fact that in the East, a "child" can hold a weapon when he's 10-12 y.o., not to mention the ladies. US leadership should pay attention to the professionalism of their own military, "actively" fighting against international terrorism since 2001. On October 3, 2015 as a result of an impromptu US airstrike on the Kunduz city hospital, 22 people got killed, including children and "Doctors without Borders" staff. But such news doesn't have enough resonance in the media.

Thus, cyber boy scouts continue their "struggle" against Russia instead ISIS. This is understandable: the threat of terrorism in the Middle East was created by the US. And this, they cannot allow to be recognized: the US would completely lose face. Helping Russia is "not worth it" also: in Washington's sweet dreams Putin is gone, just like Assad. This also explains why an idea about this war becoming a "second Afghanistan" for Russia is being widely used by the Western media .

What's happens next - continued containment of Russia or a true partnership - depends on the wisdom of US leadership. As ISIS may come not only to Europe but also to the US. However, it is possible that its cells are already there.