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Kiev Boasts Ready to Survive Without Russian Gas Over Winter

07.08.2015 16:35

Ukraine could survive without any Russian gas over the winter if needed, the head of the European Integration Department of Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry said Friday.

Mykhailo Bno-Airiian said that it would be difficult to make it through winter without Russian gas deliveries, but not as critical if this had happened two or three years ago when Ukraine had been "practically forced" into consuming Russian fuel.

"Of course, we are considering all of the scenarios, and this is one of them," Mykhailo Bno-Airiian said in an interview with the Rada parliament television channel when asked if Ukraine could do without Russian gas over the winter season.

He added that Ukraine needed an average of 18 billion cubic meters of gas before the winter heating season began.

"We, of course, are having difficulties from the point of view in financing the purchase of gas and we are holding talks with our European and American partners and asking them for loans so that we may pump sufficient volumes of gas over the summer so that we may make it through the winter season with more or less certainty," Bno-Airiian said.