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Newly-Elected Polish President Urges NATO to Increase Their Presence

06.08.2015 18:31

Earlier in the day, Duda officially assumed office as president of Poland during a joint session of both houses of parliament in Warsaw.

Duda won the presidential elections on May 24 after garnering over 51 percent of the popular vote. His opponent in the Polish presidential elections was former President Bronislaw Komorovski.

"We should unambiguously raise the question — we need guarantees from NATO. They are not only necessary for Poland but also for the whole of Central and Eastern Europe, which has found itself in a difficult geopolitical situation. It is necessary to strengthen NATO's presence in this part of Europe, including in our country," Duda said.

The president added that he had already discussed the issue with Poland's NATO allies and the bloc's representatives and expected to receive the required guarantees at the next NATO summit, due to be held in Warsaw in July 2016.

At the same time, Duda emphasized the need to actively develop "good relations with our neighbors, as they are the guarantors of peace and security."