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OSCE Failed Their Observation Mission in Ukraine

06.08.2015 16:33

On August 2, the special monitoring mission of the OSCE in Ukraine published a  report concerning the situation in the area dividing the Ukrainian security forces and DPR militia. According to information provided in the document, on one of the DPR forces' positions the observers found armed men, who identified themselves as "Russian paratroopers."

"At one of the DPR sites an armed man, who was guarding heavy weapons, said that he and others present belonged to the 16th Airborne Brigade from Orenburg. However, they did not have any identification marks," - the report said.

This information was soon disproved in Moscow. The Defense Ministry said that there is no 16 Airborne Brigade in the Russian Armed Forces.

In turn, the deputy head of the OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine, Alexander Hug hastened to justify the observers, saying that OSCE sometimes receives information from the People's Republic authorities. According to him, it is often difficult or even impossible to confirm the information received from the DPR and LPR leaders.

"I admit the possibility that the breakaway republics' authorities could have tried to cooperate with the OSCE mission, in order to use the organization's  peacekeeping potencial. However, the the republic's authorities have no reason to compromise Russia and provide false information about Russian troops in Donbass," - member of the Council for Interethnic Relations of the President of the Russian Federation, political analyst Bogdan Bezpalko told "Russian peacekeeper."

According to the expert, OSCE's job should be overseeing both parties of the conflict to prevent the worsening of the situation. "However, OSCE is currently strongly engaged is making remarkable efforts to blame the Russian Federation of participating in hostilities in the south-east of Ukraine, at the same time maintaining the appearance of objectivity in the eyes of the international community," - says Bezpalko.

"Now the OSCE tries not to notice or to ignore the massive shelling of DPR and LPR territory by the Ukrainian side," he said. "Almost every day Ukrainian security forces are firing on settlements in Donbass, killing huge numbers of innocent people. But instead of noticing that, the mission suddenly discoveres "Russian troops" in Donbas," - said the expert.
"At the same time the OSCE has not provided any data specifying the newfound "Russian troops" numbers or direction of movement," - concluded Bezpalko.