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Freedom of will under socialistic sauce

Guillaume de Thieulloy is a French writer, political sciences doctor, an editor for two online-magazines Nouvelles de France and L'Observatoire de la christianophobie, who currently works as deputy chairman with Jean-Claude Gaudin in his Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) in the French Parliament. And that's what he had to say about the recent terrorist acts in Paris.

Recent terrorist acts that hit France could have become a reason for some patriotic feelings' uprise. Unfortunately the direction of those feeling has been affected by political manipulation. More likely that innocent people of France will only remember the monstrous amount of stupidity and lies that were spread amongst them those days.

Firstly, we were told in every which way that those attacks have 'nothing to do with Islam.' Our head of state even made a special speech on the issue. It turns out that common sense is not a well spread quality, despite Descartes' words. If one has to say that such actions have nothing to do with Islam it only shows that Islam is the issue. It's just that no one made any comments on this attack not being connected with Buddhism only because it's dead obvious. It's clear that in fact those acts of terrorism are connected with Islam. They were conducted by Islamists and in the name of Islam. And some other Islamists praised them. It's also obvious that the responsibility for that does not lie on every Muslim of France or the world itself. However, it's also clear that Koran's popularity is surely one of the premises for committing crime.

So instead of repeating the mouth drying 'not every Muslim is a terrorist' politicians and journalists should have shown more zeal in persuading influential Muslims to not only condemn those acts, but perform as the first line of fire in the fight against jihadism. In any case it's impossible to pretend that we're fighting terrorism without fighting the Frances' islamisation. The famous Bossuet saying "God laughs at people who complain over consequences, but cherish their cause" is quite famous on the Web nowadays. The same goes for socialists: they have no right to judge those terrorists acts as it was their blindness that led to the spread of jihadism. They also have no right to call for national unity or the freedom of will. The notorious 'national unity' was destroyed by socialists' prejudices who denied the 'National Front' and everybody else who doesn't share their 'republican values' (love for Islam and make-love-not-war movements) the chance to participate in 'Charlie Hebdo' support demonstration. So typical of far-leftists: 'we support the national unity, but not with everyone?'

Concerning the freedom of will: how can those people speak about the freedom of speech after firing Zemmour and limiting the freedom of speech on the Internet and especially after introducing the famous 13th army planning law? But considering our talk about freedom shouldn't we rather speak about the possible consequences of those tragic developments? Every person in charge says it's necessary to adapt our own 'patriotic act' - yet again, as we already have one - adopted during 9/11 mischief 'Law of Sarcozy I', and also 'Laws of Perben I and II'.

What are they if not a limiting to the freedom of will? Officially they were adopted to help fight terrorism - though for me it's hard to understand how one can possibly fight Islamic terrorism by encouraging France's islamisation - but a more likely goal seems the suppression of anti-socialists' movement which only gains weight due to socialists who are driving our country towards chaos. Ergo, those terrorist acts can be used to destroy public freedoms under the pretext of protecting the freedom of will.