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South Ossetia on Full Combat Alert

01.02.2006 11:52

Detachments of the South Ossetian Interior Ministry have been put on full combat alert.

The measure has been taken in connection with the incident between Georgian military and Russian peacekeepers. On February 1, late at night, peacekeepers' "Ural" truck on route to the S. Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali slightly brushed against a local resident's car near the Georgian village of Tkviavi. According to the local police, no one was injured in the incident.

The Georgian police demanded that the peacekeepers' vehicle be convoyed beyond the conflict zone to the Georgian town of Gori. The Russian peacekeepers rightfully refused to comply. Then the Georgian police surrounded the truck and tried to drag the peacekeepers out by force. A Russian serviceman had to shoot in the air.

The military command of the Russian peacekeeping force in the conflict zone sent a standby detachment on armored vehicles to the site of the incident. Finally the peacekeepers and the police returned to their respective barracks.