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Athens: Greece Will Never Recognize Independence of Kosovo

20.11.2008 16:33

Greek Ambassador to Serbia Christos Panagopoulos made an official statement today that Athens will never recognize the independence of Serbian autonomous territory Kosovo. In his statement Panagopoulos emphasized that any effort to represent Greece as “an Albanian separatist collaborator” should be regarded by the world community as a provocation.

Let us recall that the day before Pristine daily Koha Ditore misquoted Greek Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis as saying that Athens will allegedly recognize Kosovo soon. Albanian journalists mistranslated her phrase “Athens is against any insinuation” as “Athens does not exclude a possibility”. So, Albanian analysts considered that Dora Bakoyannis aired the opinion of Greek Government. Panagopoulos claimed that Greece “will not recognize any time soon Kosovo, in keeping with respect of territorial integrity of states”.