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Large Provocation against Serbs in Kosovo-Mitrovitsa

29.08.2008 16:08

More than10 people were injured in a mass conflict between Serbs and Albanians in the city of Mitrovitsa, an administrative center of the Serbian enclave in Kosovo. According to, the conflict was provoked by a group of militant Albanians who started throwing stones to the Slav and Gypsy people near the main city water duct. It is also reported that Albanians used fire arms.

The conflict continued for about an hour and was suppressed only by the Serbian Militia and KFOR soldiers. A criminal case was opened in connection with the fight. Leaders of the Slav community in Kosovo regard the event as a large provocation of Albanians. Nevertheless, so-called “Governor of Mitrovitsa” Albanian official Bairam Redjeli promised “ to establish full control over recalcitrant Serbs, and severely chasten all Serbs and Gypsy people violating the public order”.