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D. Medvedev: Russia ready to look at any measures in relations with NATO

25.08.2008 16:24

Russia is ready to look at any measures in our relations with NATO , up to and including breaking off relations with the Alliance in full, as Russian President Dmitry Medvedev claimed at his meeting with Permanent Envoy of the Russian Federation to NATO Dmitry Rogozin. He said: “The NATO member countries have greater interest in this cooperation than does the Russian Federation. If they sever these ties of cooperation, essentially it would have no real effect on us. We are ready to look at any solution, up to and including breaking off relations in full".

"Though this would of course be the most difficult development of events. I simply hope that our partners will reflect on this”, the President of Russia said and pointed out that Russia worked consistently to develop its relations with NATO for quite a long time.

"We would like to have a full-fledged partnership. What we do not want is an illusion of partnership”, Medvedev said and emphasized that after the Georgian aggression against South Ossetia the relations between Russia and North Atlantic Alliance “have taken a sharp turn to a worse”.

"When NATO surrounds us with its bases and takes in more and more countries, while telling us, “don’t worry, everything is fine”. Of course we do not like this. All the more so when faced with such restrictive acts as those that have taken place recently. We did not provoke them and did not seek them’, Dmitry Medvedev pointed out

In turn, the Russian Permanent Envoy to NATO said that the Alliance has applied a policy of double standards to Russia’s actions.