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Does Ukraine Train Frogmen against Russian Black Sea Fleet?

25.08.2008 11:47

According to Newspaper Moskovsy Komsomolets, the Russian Intelligence Service is analyzing the information received from a high-ranking source in the Ukrainian Navy about an expected act of terror against the warships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Allegedly under the pretence of regular reservist training the Ukrainian militaries actively train recalled reservist-frogmen and divers. Besides other skills they are trained in concealed placing of magnetic mines on ship hulls.

The source also said that President Victor Yuschenko gave an instruction to prepare an act of sabotage against one of the Russian warships involved in the peace enforcement operation in Georgia. At the same time, the Office of the Ukrainian leader already distributed information that Kiev “is concerned over aggravation of the terror threat in the areas of Russian Black Sea Fleet stationing”.

According to a Turkish source close to the Abkhazian Diaspora in Istanbul, Saakashvili is involved in intensive talks with American intelligence officers on staging a Russian military attack against American servicemen providing humanitarian assistance to Georgia.

According to the source, one of the options of this information sabotage is “the dawning” of a US military air transport by “a Russian SAM system”. Allegedly ‘the material evidence” is already available – they include fragments of an aircraft with a US AF ID mark, statements of “witnesses”, pseudo communications monitoring data, plus “satellite detection” of the missile launch. All these plans look like delirium but Mr. Saakashvili already proved that he is up to any most brutal adventures.