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Nogovitzin: Support of Georgia’s Militarist Ambitions by West Intolerable

22.08.2008 14:39

Colonel-General Anatoly Nogovitzib, Deputy Chief of the Russian General Staff, said that Russia is planning to deploy 18 peacekeeping posts in Abkhazia along the Inguri River. “Today at 08:00 additional peacekeeping posts are to be deployed in the security zone. In the nearest future we expect to deploy also 18 peacekeeping posts in the Abkhazian sector as we did it in the South Ossetia, including along the Inguri River”.

“During an ammunition removal operation in the Georgian town of Khashuri we found and destroyed about 180 wagons with ammunitions”, Nogovitzin said and added that the ammunition removal operation continued yesterday also the Georgian city of Gori.

Colonel-General Anatoly Nogovitzib, Deputy Chief of the Russian General Staff, expressed perplexity with respect to the presence of NATO ships in the Black Sea. “Today when the conflict (in South Ossetia) is over, NATO warships enter the Black Sea. What is the purpose? What for? Of course we ask the respective questions to our partners. Sincerely, the Russian side believes that the need and expediency of this action are rather doubtful.”

"The enhanced efforts to draw Georgia into the Alliance are in conflict with the provision on mandatory resolution of all internal and external conflicts. In this case due no unknown reason we see an exception”, Nogovitsin said speaking about the stand of the Russian General Staff with respect to the efforts to draw Georgia into NATO, and the support of its militarist ambitions by certain Western countries. The open support of the Georgian rulers’ militarist ambitions by the most influential Western countries unfortunately became a powerful impetus to launching the aggression against South Ossetia”.

At a press conference in RIA Novosti in response to a request of a journalist to comment on the situation with the Russian Black Sea Fleet Nogovitsin said; ”For me this statement is relatively new. In believe that within the framework of the bilateral agreements between Russia and Ukraine on the status of the Black Sea Fleet the steps relating to all issues including similar provocations are stipulated. We will respond adequately in case of anything”.

A. "The strength of peacekeepers in Abkhazia will be 2,142 men. The strength of a peacekeeping contingent in South Ossetia will be determined later. The deployed peacekeeping posts will be manned by 272 peacekeepers on the forward line and 180 peacekeepers on the second line”, Nogovitsin said to the journalists.