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Georgians of Russia against Saakashvili’s Policy

22.08.2008 09:33

The representatives of Georgian diaspora in Russia expressed out their attitude to the war unleashed in South Ossetia and condemned the anti-Georgian regime of Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili. The declaration was adopted by them at Press-Conference in Moscow.


Adopted at Press-Conference ?Georgians of Russia against Saakashvili?s Policy? Moscow, Central House of Journalists, August 21, 2008

We, representatives of Georgian public organizations in Russia: the Russian and Georgian People Solidarity Fund, Georgian People Support Fund, Union of Georgians in Russia, Russian-Georgian Friendship Society Dzaliza, representing an overwhelming majority of the progressive Georgian Diaspora in Russia, as well as representatives of the Georgian Diaspora in Russia, who are not the members of the aforesaid entities, attending this press-conference ?Georgians against Saakashvili?s Policy? address the peoples of Georgia and world community in order to express out attitude to the war unleashed in South Ossetia, and condemn the anti-Georgian regime of Saakashvili for its irresponsible and criminal activities threatening to the world peace. In this connection we declare that:

1. Georgian President M. Saakashvili has unleashed a fratricidal civil war in South Ossetia to clear the territory by force from the people of Ossetia who lived there for centuries as a part of Georgia, by their extermination. It is only due to the Russian troops that fulfilled their peacekeeping mandate the people of Ossetia were saved from the genocide unleashed by the criminal puppet anti-Georgian regime of M. Saakashvili, whose activities should be legally prosecuted and blamed.

2. We condemn the cynical gendarme policy of the United States that armed and guided the Georgian rulers to promote the war in the Caucasus. Guided by the USA M. Saakashvili provoked and drew Russia into this war In turn Russia had neither legal nor moral right to disregard its peacekeeping functions under the agreement and moreover to ignore its obligations to defend its citizens as stipulated in the Constitution of the Russian Federation. The goal of the USA was to exploit the situation and implement its selfish adventurist projects pursuing merely its own economic benefits but not protection of democratic values and surely not defense of the Georgian national interests. The world community should condemn such criminal adventures of the United States as the war in the Caucasus and earlier in Yugoslavia and Iraq.

3. We condemn the anti-Georgian regime of M. Saakashvili that has plunged the Georgian people in the fear and poverty, cultivated tyranny and denied the right of the people to freely elect the president and parliament members. We condemn those politicians who have sent sons of Georgia to die in flashpoints for the benefits of the United States, unleashed the war with own peoples and drawn the fraternal Orthodox Russian people defending and helping Georgia for centuries into this war. The world public should know that hiding under a mask of democracy M. Saakashvili has established a dictatorship regime in the country, abridged the freedom of press and political parties, fabricated the elections and prevents a multi-million Georgian Diaspora from participation in the elections stealing its votes.

4. We urge the peoples of Georgia to exercise their constitutional right and overthrow the criminal regime of Saakashvili that has casted the country into the national and humanitarian catastrophe, that has put Georgia on the verge of loss of its territorial integrity and independence. Georgians should freely use their democratic right to elect their well-deserved president who will pursue the pro-Georgian policy, who will adhere to the principles of independence and neighborliness, who will establish friendly political and economic relations with Russia. The entire Georgian Diaspora in Russia and entire Georgia will be happy to vote for such president.

5. We urge all world mass media to be more responsible and objective to present true information to the world public and Georgian people, tell the truth about the Georgian-Ossetia and Georgian-Russian relations. M. Saakashvili robbed his people of the right to get true information. Earlier he banned all independent media outlets in Georgia, and today he cut off the access to the Russian mass media to hide the scale of his crimes and national distress from the Georgian people. He goes on deceiving his people, brain-washing and promoting the anti-Russian propaganda. Under the burden of his crimes Saakashvili still can bring much sorrow to the homes of our people and put the world on the verge of a new war. He is again encouraged and armed by his overseas patrons and certain irresponsible European countries.

6. We present our apologies to the fraternal Ossetian people and express deep and sincere condolences to Ossetian, Russian and Georgian mothers whose children were killed and maimed in this criminal and dirty adventure planned by the USA and implemented by M. Saakashvili. We are grateful to the Russian peacekeepers who prevented extermination of the Ossetian people, minimized the bloodshed and consequences of a possible catastrophe. We are grateful to the Russian peacekeepers that they acted within the frames of the law and did not expanded the wide-scale combat activities to the territory of Georgia, rendered and are rendering humanitarian assistance to the Georgian people, who were left to shift for themselves as best they could by their run-away local authorities in spite of the fact that there was no danger to them.

7. Wee declare that all efforts of the USA and crimes of he Saakashvili?s puppet regime aimed at seeding the interethnic strives will fail and will be unable to cancel the common history and century-long friendship the Georgian, Abkhazia, Ossetian and Russian peoples. We hope that the Russian leadership and public will not let any xenophobic feelings arise in the Russian society, will not let infringe the right and prosecute the people on the grounds of their nationality. We express our confidence that the good-neighborly relations with Russia will be restored in the near future, and a new Georgian leadership basing on the true interests of the Georgian people will establish friendly political, economic and cultural ties with Russia.

We declare our patriotic sentiments and pain for the destiny of Georgia. These feelings required from us civic courage to hold this press-conference, declare our vision of the problem, bring to the peoples of Georgia and world community the truth about the position of the Georgian Diaspora in Russia, and about our approach to the way out of the situation. We express thanks to all attending journalists and expect that our position will be brought to the Georgian people and world community, will be heard by those who needs the truth.