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Medoyev: Georgia Performs Ethnic Cleansings in South Ossetia

08.08.2008 12:15

Plenipotentiary Representative of the South Ossetian President Dmitry Mediyev claimed at a press-conference in Moscow that Georgian troops started ethnic cleansings in Tzhinval.

Describing the current events in Tzhinval Medoyev said: "In fact, we may speak about the beginning of ethnic cleansing".

He also expressed indignation over the absence of world community's reaction.

Dmitry Medoyev emphasized: "The goal of the Georgian side is to clear the territory of South Ossetia from the Ossetians who are the Russian citizens".

According to him, by now five residential settlements have been smashed in South Ossetia.

Medoyev claimed: "Tbilisi implements the scorched-earth tactics - five villages of South Ossetia situated at the border with Georgia have been completely wiped off the map. Currently the Georgian tanks "iron" these villages".

According to Mediyev, there may be survivors under the ruins of destroyed houses there. But "Georgian snipers and Georgian troops keep ambulances and other medical aid away of them", he added.

Medoyev emphasized: "Yesterday the Georgian side traitorously broke its own promises given by President Saakashvili on TV , which have been taken up and widely distributed in public. It broke its peace claims and unleashed a wide-scale war against the people of South Ossetia".

The Representative of the South Ossetian President also aired a request of the Tzhinval authorities to the Russian leadership to render assistance to avoid a humanitarian disaster in South Ossetia.

Medoyev said: "We rely very much on the Russian help - it is always important to us. Moreover, the situation is close to a humanitarian disaster".

According to him, the authorities of the unrecognized republic do not know exactly how many people became victims of the recent shelling and bombardment in Tzhinval. He said: "We cannot come close to these houses and basements where lots of people found the shelter".