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Georgian Air Force Bombing Tzhinval

08.08.2008 09:22

Georgian attack aircraft Su-25 are bombing the city of Tzhinval, village of Kvernet and Zar bypass road connecting the southern and northern parts of South Ossetia. .

Fierce fighting with the use of heavy weapons is going on the city and its outskirts. According to preliminary data, more than 15 peaceful people have been killed already in the city.

South Ossetia approached Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and leadership of the Russian Federation with a request to take urgent measures to defend the people of South Ossetia who are the Russian citizens, and do everything to stop the genocide of the Ossetian people.

A column of Georgian tanks and infantry is advancing towards Tzhinval. A major part of the city has been destroyed already. The Parliament and Government buildings, multistory residential buildings and other houses of the city are in flames.