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Georgia Starts War against South Ossetia

08.08.2008 09:15

On Thursday at 23:26, Georgia violated the moratorium on non-use of force and started the war against South Ossetia. All last night long, the Georgian aircraft and artillery systems mounted massive strikes on villages of South Ossetia and its capital, Tzhinval. As of now, Georgia reports that its troops occupied 8 settlements of South Ossetia, including the village of Sarabuk with a strategic hill nearby. Besides, according to the TV news the units of the Georgian army also entered the village of Hetagurovo.

As it is reported, 5 peaceful people were killed and dozens wounded. In the capital of the unrecognized republic dozens of building were in flames last night due to shelling including the building of the Government. The Georgian troops also deliver fire at the positions of the Russian peacekeepers. As of this moment, several structures in the territory of the PKF HQ were damaged.

An extraordinary meeting of the UN Security Council convoked at the request of the Russian Federation is held currently in New York.

The hostilities in the zone of Georgian-Ossetian conflict started on the day of opening the Olympic Games in Beijing. Several hours prior to the aggression Georgian President M. Saakashvili urged ?to stop the madness? and ?avoid unleashing the war?.

On August 5, the Georgian Defense Ministry claimed that is has declared ?the Olympic armistice?, according to which seven days before and during the Olympic Games all hostilities should be suspended.

The statements of the Defense Ministry read: ?Georgia not only supports its principle but in general opposes any hostilities at any time. Georgia believes that conflicts should be resolved through peaceful talks only?.

Georgian Su-25 dropped bombs on a humanitarian truck convoy moving from North Ossetia to South Ossetia.

On Friday night, the Georgian army succeeded in forcing the South Ossetian units out of the villages Znauri, Sarabuk, Hetagurovo, Dmenisi, Didmukha, Akotz, Kvemo Okona and Muguti, and took these settlements under its full control. As of this time, fierce fighting is observed near the village of Zemo Nokozi in the outskirts of Tzhinval.

Georgia is concentrating its troops in area south of Tzhinal and shelling the city.

More than 2,000 Georgian troops have been concentrated in this area. Up to 30 self-propelled guns are available to support these troops. Several MLRS Grad are firing at the city now.