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In Spirit of Cold War

23.07.2008 10:06

A. Novik, Kaliningrad

For the first time a combat flight of a US AF strategic electronic reconnaissance aircraft has been detected in the vicinity of the Russian Federation border (Kaliningrad Region).

Lately the United States and NATO demonstrate suspicion and mistrust of towards Russia, which potentially make a threat to its security, in the best traditions of the Cold War. A convincing example of such conduct is the flight of RC-135U Combat Sent, a US AF strategic electronic reconnaissance aircraft, over the south-eastern part of the Baltic Sea (Kaliningrad Region) at a distance of 50 meters from the Russian state border on July 11 this year.

During 4 hours of the reconnaissance flight the aircraft made 14 tacks at a speed of 720 km/h at an altitude of 9-10 km with a short-term letdown to 4,000 meters. It is indicative that while flying within the RF air traffic control area the aircraft failed to get on for a radio contact with the Kaliningrad air traffic control centre thus creating preconditions for violation of the flight safety rules that made Russian flight controllers to change flight routes and levels of civil airplanes flying on the standard international courses. It is noteworthy that meanwhile the US spy-aircraft maintained radio contact with the Sweden air traffic control center. .

What has happened? Two options may be valid.

The first option. The analysis of the area and duration of the RC-135U Combat Sent reconnaissance flight shows that the e operation may relate to the expected deployment of a base for 10 GBIs in Poland (near Slupsk (Redzikovo) within the third GMD site. In this case, the reconnaissance aircraft was to discover the electronic environment in the region, and identify aerospace surveillance capabilities of the AD systems in the Polish Air Force and Navy in order to upgrade and enhance them. It is not impossible that such assessment was performed also to identify the scope of Polish army upgrade, including, first of all, its active and passive AD systems within the framework of preconditions forwarded by the leadership of Poland for signing the ABM system deployment agreement.

The second option. The flight of the US reconnaissance aircraft close to the state border of the Russian Federation may be a reaction of the US military and political leadership to the statement of Russia about an adequate military-technical response to the expected deployment of the US ABM system elements in Eastern Europe.

Both the first and the second options demonstrate explicit and cynical disrespect and disregard of the Russian interests: they not only failed to notify us in advance about the scheduled operation of the US reconnaissance aircraft but also created preconditions for dangerous air situations in the international flight routes within the area of the Russian air traffic control center (the aircraft did not replied to the calls of the Kaliningrad flight controllers).