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“Innovatory” Ideas of Georgia

11.07.2008 11:02

It is well-known that the repeated efforts of Georgia to intensify reconnaissance activities against Abkhazia by using unmanned aerial vehicles failed.

Although the Georgian leaders have to make up their mind to the fact that their plans of full control over the Abkhaz territory remain unimplemented, the significant losses caused by the kill of several Hermeses worry the live out of the Tbilisi authorities. Moreover, the White House is not in a hurry to recoup losses free of charge, and Georgia lacks its own funds to purchase new UAVs.

However, the young Georgian politicians are the persons of "a new formation', and their ideas are creative as they used to say in the modern language. The Saakashvili's retinue found an unexpected and rather cynical option how to use the situation for its own benefit. Georgian "economists" suggested replenishing the state budget by leasing the available unmanned aerial vehicles to their GUAM partners. Moreover, their flights over Abkhazia became dangerous due to efficient Abkhaz air defense systems.

"The innovation" was implemented at the last GUAM Summit in Batumi. The Georgian side offered to lease two UAVs to their Azerbaijan colleagues for six months. The aim is evident - to intensify monitoring of the Nagorny Karabakh territory, and thus exacerbate somewhat clouded relationship with Armenia.

This fact makes to see in a new light the activities of the Georgian authorities striving for leading positions in GUAM and exercising influence on its partners. Moreover, the GUAM prospects look rather different. The strengthening of its military-technical component confirms its transformation from the political to predominantly military alliance.

Such steps destabilize the situation in Transcaucasia, undermine rather fragile peace in the region and create prerequisites to revival of the slightly pacified conflict in Nagorny Karabakh.

In so doing, the hypocrisy of Tbilisi knows no bounds. Discussing a UAV deal with Azerbaijan and thus causing a tangible harm to Armenia, the Georgian authorities at the same time invite the Armenian side to take part in joint exercise Immediate Response 2008 with participation of US, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Ukrainian militaries.

You can say that again - innovations always and in everything! And it doesn't matter what consequences may be. But only for Georgia, as for others they do not care.