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New Heart of Joachim Rücker

10.07.2008 13:53

Dimitry Babich

Independent experts insist that the Chief of the UN Mission in Kosovo was advised on the facts of kidnapping of local peaceful Serbs and their vital organ harvesting. It seems that ex-Prosecutor of the Hague Tribunal Carla del Ponte was right when in her book "The Hunt" she called her former colleagues hypocrites and criminals.

In accordance with the civilized laws word "criminal" is applicable to a person recognized as such by the court. The court may be neither "the most human" nor "the fairest" nor "the most impartial". The International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia (ICTY) recognized ten persons as criminals including Croatian General Milan Babic, President of the Serb Republic Radovan Karadzic and leader of Serbian radicals Voislav Sheshel. General Babic died in his cell as he has broken down through emotional abuse on the part of Western Themis.

Investigators were too zealous in their efforts to make the General with the Serbian name to confess that he attempted to perform "an act of sabotage against Serbs". International policemen are too zealous in conducting the searches in the houses of Karadzic's relatives ignoring the Slavic mentality, which postulates: "if you have taken something from a shelf, put it back on the shelf". The Hague was very quick to formulate a cause for the arrest of Sheshel, a leader of the Serb Radical Party, as "involvement in genocide of Albanian people in Pristine".

It may look as a paradox but examining the cases of Babic, Karadzic and Sheshel the ICTY expressly ignored information that in 1998-1999 Albanian armed extremists commercialized human organ trafficking. The pattern of the crime was simple and efficient: UCK combatants entered Slavic villages, looted and fired the Serbian houses and abducted their masters. Later as ICTY Chief Prosecutor Carla del Ponte wrote in her book, the investigation team received messages that the abducted Serbs were killed in Albania, and their internal organs including the level and kidney were extracted through surgery. However, the details of this drama were discussed and written about in many publications...

Another aspect is interesting. The Peacekeeper.Ru editorial staff has information that the UNMiK leadership made its best to hamper in investigation of "the organ case". Joachim Rücker, a high-ranking UN official and formed UNMiK Chief, claimed that he does not care of problems in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia (he says that there are too many criminals in the Balkan land - Author's note).

Actually protecting the Albanian separatists in Serbian Kosovo, Rucker claimed: "The Hague Tribunal is a chimerical structure that can swallow any pill including the blatant lie". Perhaps it is no need to mention that Rucker is a good friend of actual Kosovo "President" Fatmir Sejdiu and "Premier" Hashim Taci. Having shown himself an execrator of "bandits and future recognized criminals" who were "cared about" by del Ponte in early this century, the Chief of the Mission has sunk in Pristine petty scandals.

According to information distributed recently by popular Belgrade radio station "Voice of Serbia" and newspaper "Vecerne Novosti", several UNMiK officers were involved in the organ trafficking, in particular Jose Pablo Baraibar, former UNMiK Head for Court Medicine and Missing Persons.

The newspaper reported that Baraibar who currently resides in Argentine was aware of the events in Albania but terminated the investigation. An incognito UNMiK official said to the newspaper that in 2003, Carla del Ponte requested to open a case regarding organ harvesting and trafficking. According to the anonymous person the request was forwarded to the UN Central Investigation Office, which representatives together with Hague investigators and Albanian prosecutor visited "the Yellow house" in north Albania. It is the house where according to Serbian sources, vital organs of abducted Serbs were extracted to transport them via Airport Tirana to Europe.

According to the former Mission officer, they found surgical gloves and tools, droppers and traces of blood that proved performed surgery in this house. He said it is strange that the investigators did not collect fingerprint evidence in this house. Answering the question how the Tribunal knew about the eventual human organ trafficking, the former UNMiK official said that four Albanians who took part in this surgery told about it. They pointed at "the Yellow house" and even showed human burials, yet these places have been never examined". ("Voice of Serbia" - Author's note)

Here is the most interesting part of the story. Documents found by the Albanian police include references to the notorious names that have already become common. According to yet unconfirmed data Rucker regularly ignored signals on the illegal organ trafficking. Perhaps, therefore he stayed at his post for five years, del Ponte believes. Mr. Joachim was dismissed from his post in early this May because of his professional impropriety. They say that speaking to representatives of international mass media he called Serbs, Croats and Bosnians "a gathering of Slavs". And added in the informal conversation that by and large he doesn't care what happened in Kosovo and whose heart "was transplanted to whom"...

In any case today del Ponte called Rucker who is on leave without pay, a corrupted person. The facts of his corruption activities and full-scale contacts with the Albanian separatists are still to be established by notorious Themis to satisfaction of court. It will take not one month to show that the UNMiK of the Rucker's time was a chimera... As for illegal Serb organ transplantation let this problem be left on the conscience of the same ICTY, from which this legal story started...