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Unscheduled Exercise

10.07.2008 13:01

Last week the Russian Black Sea Fleet Commander and Chief of Staff attended a meeting held in the Russian Navy HQ. An agenda of the meeting included amendments to the combat training plans of the Fleet.

Probably, it was caused by the marked aggravation of the situation in the zone of Georgian-Abkhaz conflict and more frequent provocations of the Georgian authorities against Russian peacekeepers.

It was decided to conduct an exercise of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the eastern part of the Black Sea in the second half of July. According to a source in the Fleet HQ, the task force to be involved in the exercise will include frigate Kerch, guard-ship Ladny, several assault landing ships, supply vessels and Navy aircraft.

During the exercise the force will practice various operations of the ships including assault landing on a wind beach and lifting of the naval blockade, as well as fire at small high-speed surface and aerial targets.