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USA to Launch WWIII in Abkhazia?

08.07.2008 16:40

Vyacheslav Pashko

So, the situation with explosions in Abkhazia became clearer. The ten explosions in Sukhumi, Gargri and Gali not only caused raised eyebrows of observers yet they do, but also made them worried over their persistent succession. Abkhazia started blaming on Georgia. Meanwhile Georgia preferred either to keep silence or to speak about alleged criminal connections.

Such position of Georgia became surprising because the Tbilisi’s propaganda machine, which always has a dozen pseudo-journalistic quill-drivers on hand, would not have missed a chance to cry about provocations of Moscow and Sukhumi. But, let me emphasize, the reaction was rather dead. The President of Georgia disappeared somewhere, and we heard no his comments on the developments in both Abkhazia and South Ossetia at all.

Meanwhile, all observers understand well that the explosions in Abkhazia and outbreak of provocations in South Ossetia are very advantageous to both Tbilisi and the West on the eve of the G8 Summit. The first attendance of the new Russian President at the G8 meeting should have been complicated as much as possible, including generation of absolutely uncomfortable situation and organized pressure. In this case, Tbilisi not only would have pulled chestnuts out of the fire itself but its actions would have helped Washington: for example, what ABM system you are speaking about, look what is happening in Abkhazia!

The experts’ opinion on the developments is confirmed with a today’s statement made by the US Department of State demanding to introduce a multinational police force into the areas “where the explosions took place”. Everything was preplanned in Washington and Tbilisi, to be more exact, Tbilisi has received a distinct action plan and promise of its support.

In principle, the demand of the State Department was foreseen, and it seems that both Russia and Abkhazia are ready to respond to it. No doubt that the respective response is expected shortly. In this situation it is rather curious: what will happen further?

General Michael Jackson in his time abandoned a plan of forceful removal of Russian paratroopers from the aerodrome in Pristina, Kosovo, explaining his decision with the fact that he does not want to be a general who unleashed World War III. Soon Jackson had to resign. But World War III has not been launched, and he has entered the history for ever.

Today, it is possible to say with confidence that deployment of a multinational police force in Abkhazia will result in the gravest escalation of the international situation since the time of the Caribbean Crisis if not in World War III. All steps of Russia during the last years showed that the 90s are over, and Russia should be treated with that respect and piety, which it deserves as a leading world power.

May be, this expression offends the ear of somebody in Washington and London (no need to mention Tbilisi, Kiev, Warsaw, Riga and Vilnius) but the West should make up its mind to it.

Many politicians in the West understand it very well. Last week respectful American politicians and political analysts Henry Kissinger and Steven Cohen in their articles urged the future US president to treat Russia “as a sovereign and large state with the respective national interests”. Kissinger expressed his confidence that the time for “imprudent interference into the sphere, which is regarded by the Russians as the space of their own self-consciousness” has passed, and such policy of Washington in future not only “will be in conflict with the morale principles” of the USA but also will turn a majority of Russians against America.

"It will be wrongful if such situation persists because Russia today in many aspects lives through one of the most promising periods of its history,” he is sure. Kissinger expressly called the USA to develop close strategic cooperation with Moscow.

It seems that the present staff of the American State Department has its own view of it. Condoleezza Rise and her team of failures have led the United States to the situation when Washington often becomes a fright for children the world over, the degree of anti-American sentiments in the people of various states is beyond all reasonable limits, and the number of victims of various “international police operations” initiated by the US Department of State exceeded hundreds of thousands.

So, the today’s statement of the US Department of State may be regarded as a new evidence of the absolutely inconsistent American foreign policy that successively makes the USA a rogue state in new international realities.