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US Congress Equates WWII with Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

03.07.2008 14:49

Yuri Veselov

On June 30, 2008, US President G. Bush signed an act on additional funding of the military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan for the period until late September 2009. So, after long debates the Congressmen of both parties contending for the presidency nevertheless agreed to provide 162 billion Dollars for the war. The disbursement will start already on October 1, 2008. Thus, the expenditures of Washington on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2001 will total more than 850 billion Dollars.

In its initial graft submitted to the Congress the ruling Republican Party requested 169 billion Dollars but the Democrats denied this request. From this May they insisted on withdrawal of the American troops from Iraq before the end of 2009. An amendment to the draft act on additional funding of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan initiated by the Democratic Party demanded that “the immediate and organized withdrawal of the US troops from Iraq should start within 30 days and should be accomplished not later than 18 months after the act comes into effect”.

However after negotiations with its contender approximately in one month the Democratic Party revoked its demand on the withdrawal deadline. In turn, the Republican Party agreed to support radical expansion of social t programmes providing significant privileges to veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Similar privileges were provided earlier in the USA only to the WWII veterans. In particular, the Federal Administration committed itself to repay all expenses on education in universities to the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who spent 3 years in the zone of combat operations.

The unanimous approval of this act shows that in the short-term prospect Washington is not going to change its policy. It is going to continue the military campaign in Iraq in order to establish its full dominance over this country and region in general. Even regardless any casualties and unreasonable financial losses.

By all accounts, “the game is worth the candle”. By the results of recent bidding only American companies and companies loyal to the USA were awarded with contracts on purchase of hydrocarbons and development of new oil fields in Iraq. In so doing, the income from oil sale will be earned by American corporations. As for the fall in the national currency exchange rate, they do not care very much. The entire world is pegged to Dollar, and it means that all countries will endeavor to support the American currency afloat. Even in prejudice of their own national interests.

There is another face of the medal. Iraq neighbors on Iran, a country, which has the largest reserves of crude oil, natural gas and rare metals in the world. The oil pipes of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait already fail to meet the needs of American corporations. Meanwhile Iran with its huge natural resources seems the most attractive territory, which occupation would provide the USA with a possibility to dictate any conditions to the whole world.

There is already a pretext for a military campaign against Tehran – its nuclear programme. The scenario has been elaborated on the pattern of the Iraqi war – initially prepare the public opinion to accept the aggression against Iran, then deliver pinpoint air and missile strikes on economic and military facilities of Iran to test the reaction of the Iranian side, and finally start a ground military operation against this country.

The treats to Iran are aired more and more frequently. The escalation is initiated by Israel that is doing everything to unleash a new war in the region. Israel already secured the backing of the USA to its plans of an aerial military operation against Iranian nuclear facilities. It has conducted AF exercises over the Eastern Mediterranean to practice combat missions. The internal political situation in Israel is similar to that in the USA: the rulers of each of the states need to demonstrate efficiency of their policy and determination to “strengthening of its security and defense of its national interests”.

The fact that the American Democratic Party abandoned its demand to withdraw US troops from Iraq and agreed to provide additional 162 billion Dollars for the war is an indirect evidence of the US plans to continue its military expansion in the Middle East. The Pentagon already has concentrated tangible military assets in the Gulf region not only to cover the Israeli aerial military operation against Iran but also to mount a massive missile strike on this country if the operation of Israel fails.

The warning of the Iranian leadership about possible establishment of a blockade of Strait of Hormuz aroused a sharp reaction of the Pentagon. Vice –Admiral Kevin J. Cosgriff, the US Navy 5th Fleet Commander, claimed that “the Fleet will do everything to prevent it because the fourth part of the crude oil produced worldwide is transported via this strait”.

Any war causes damage to its participants. Physical, moral and material. But even after the Vietnam war, which was very harmful to the American society and cost several hundred thousand lives, the US Government did not provided the injured veterans with the same privileges as specified for the WWII veterans who fought against fascism. May be, because the United States had no world rearrangement plans that time.

The Iraqi War veterans received these privileges. It sounds as blasphemy but in this fashion the USA has equated this war with World War II. Perhaps because Washington this time has the world rearrangement plans.