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Who Will Lead Battalions in Combat

03.07.2008 13:15

Elite forces of the Georgian Army trained and equipped by the United States this time suffer deficiency of commanding officers.

As a matter of fact, in the period of elite unit formation all key command positions were occupied by officers trained in the Soviet military academies. Such situation evidently dissatisfied the Georgian top brass. The ministry made a radical decision to send a large group of Georgian Army officers free of any past Soviet experience to American military schools and later appoint them to commanding positions in the Georgian Army.

The trainees with enthusiasm left for the United States, had a good time there, gained “lots of experience” in command and control according to the American standards, returned home and have been appointed to the commanding positions to replace retired former Soviet officers.

However, training in the USA and actual command of military units in the Motherland turned to be absolutely different missions for newly-appointed “warlords”. So they started commanding the troops with due account made for the Georgian mentality.

As a result, currently the leadership of the Georgian Defense Ministry trends to be unsatisfied with the US-trained Georgian officers. For example, according to a source in the Defense Ministry, lately Lt.-Colonel S. Tabatadze, Commanding Officer, 3rd Infantry Brigade, has been displaced , Colonel R. Vacharidze, Commanding Officer, 1st Infantry Brigade, is going to be displaced, Lt.-Colonel V. Chachibaya, former Deputy Chief of Joint Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces, has been recommended to be dismissed from the Armed Forces. All of them just recently returned from the United States.

The dismissal and displacements have been mainly caused by low level of military discipline in their units, low level of command and control, poor skills of the officers, as well as illegal recruitment by them of numerous their relatives.

In these conditions when old military specialists retired, and new ones fail to suit due to their moral and professional qualities, the Georgian military leadership faces a question, who will lead the Georgian battalions in decisive battles in Abkhazia and South Ossetia to restore the Georgian national sovereignty?

Terrorist gangs White Legion, Forest Brothers etc. will hardly manage to fulfill strategic objectives of the Georgian leadership.