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Price of Kosovo “Statehood”

23.06.2008 16:30

Dimitry Babich

Only one week passed from the date of adoption of a fundamental law in separatist Kosovo state however already now it is clear that practically all provisions of the so-called “humane Constitution” are mere falsehood and hypocrisy of former criminals...

Speaking about the independent Kosovo fundamental law Hashim Taci, former field commander of terrorist UCK and now “Balkan politician” respected in the West, claimed in keeping with his best traditions that “the Kosovo Constitution is one on the most humane judicial documents of the region”. According to him, independent Pristina is seriously preoccupied with restoration of peace and stability in the rebellious region and in the nearest future will do away with the organized crime and all manifestations of interethnic hatred. In his interview with American journalists Taci rather convincingly asserted that from now onwards there will be no assaults on houses of peaceful Serbs and Gipsy people, and individual criminal events will be carefully investigated. Moreover, “the Premier” gave his personal guarantees of security to “all citizens of the sovereign state”.

It is no need to specify the price of the guarantees given by a man who was involved in reprisals against the same non-Albanian minority of the region. In fact, the entire “Kosovo Constitution” is just a set of populist promises and ambitious plans. For example, it seems that neither Taci nor his not less bright colleagues-politicians will manage to do away with criminals “in the nearest future”. The Albanian policemen in Kosovo are very reluctant to investigate provocations against Slavs whereas the house of “the Prime Minister” himself was attacked by two militants. From bad to worse. One of the provisions of the separatist Kosovo’s fundamental law stipulates establishment of its own army. I wonder, what principle will be used to form this structure if a majority of Albanians who have any fighting experience were the members of the notorious Kosovo Liberation Army , and those who have blood of peaceful people on their hands are hiding in the hard-to-reach mountainous areas from the international court until now?

Kosovo “President” Fatmir Sejdiu, a man who was always in the shadow of Taci, nevertheless prepared himself well enough for the “Constitution” signing ceremony. Enjoying the presence of numerous TV and photo cameras, Sejdiu claimed that now Pristina is entering the international diplomatic and legal environment. Nobody knows if “the head of state” understood his words. But it is no need to be a respectful analyst to be doubtful of his sincerity. Firstly, because a majority of the UN member-states did not recognize the sovereignty of Kosovo. Secondly, because the Kosovo administration is not available as it is in the region. And finally, it is the UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMiK) that actually exercises power there.

By the way, it is the sphere where Kosovars may face a new problem. Several days ago, UN Secretary General Ban Ki moon suggested to surrender a major part of the UNMiK authorities to a newly established EU Mission. Moscow and Belgrade are flatly opposing this idea. Kosovo politicians are lacking any common opinion on the issue. An UNMiK destiny will be decided by the UN Security Council.

And the most important: The USA is an only country that is satisfied with the fundamental law of the Kosovo separatists in spite of its inconsistency. Washington already claimed that the independence of “legitimate Kosovo” is “an irrevocable recognized fact”. In fact the United States does not care what international organization will be in charge of the support of the Western-type democracy established in the region using the American template…