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USA Sent Frigate to Georgia for Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare

14.05.2008 14:00

Guided missile frigate USS “John L. Hall” (FFG-32) is arriving to the territorial waters of Georgia with top-ranking US Navy officials aboard. President Mikhail Saakashvilly already issued a clearance for the call of the American combat ship to the port of Batumi. It is known that the frigate will stay in the Georgian port of Batumi until May 18.

The frigates of this class are designed to escort amphibious forces and convoys on the ocean routes, and provide for anti-missile defense. Besides, the frigate is equipped with a powerful target-acquisition and fire-control system and electronic warfare hardware.

Let us recall that the situation in the zone of Georgian-Abkhaz conflict radically escalated recently. It is associated with the frequent flights of the Georgian drones over the security zone in violation of Agreement 1994. The Abkhaz AD systems shot down seven Georgian UAVs since March 18 during their reconnaissance flights over Abkhazia.

The Sukhumi authorities affirm that the Georgian UAVs fly in order to collect intelligence and reconnoiter efficiency of the Abkhaz AD system before invasion.

Military experts cannot exclude that the visit of the American frigate to Georgia and its stay close to the Abkhaz sea border are associated not only with the demonstration of flag and provision of moral support to the Georgian rulers but also with reconnaissance and electronic warfare to the benefit of one of the conflict parties.

Besides, it is not impossible that the experts who arrived aboard USS “John Hall” will study opportunities to install US ABM high-frequency radar in Georgia.