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Abkhaz Detective Story – Georgian UAV Shot Down German Plane?

13.05.2008 17:37

Russia’s Western partners continue to foment tension associated with the Georgian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) shot down on April 20 within the security zone in Abkhazia.

As usual, the first fiddle in this orchestra is of the USA that uses respectful international forums (UN, OSCE, etc.) to massage this theme. Let us note that the American colleagues urge their partners in NATO and EU to urgently establish an “independent” board to investigate the incident in the sky of Abkhazia. In so doing, appealing to objectivity and impartiality of the international community certain top-ranking officials of the US State Department were not shameful to blame on Russia for the attack on the Georgian reconnaissance drone even before the board started working.

The American accusations are based on a Georgian video of a rather doubtful origin that was repeatedly disputed by Russian military experts and diplomats including in the UN and OSCE. But the Georgian “movie” was shot not for an expert community and not for sound assessment but for common Americans and Europeans who are not aware of methods of the contemporary information warfare. Therefore authenticity of the video is not the subject for examination by common Americans. It is important to create an information pretext. The fake has been launched to the mass media, and its chewing in various international institutions contributes to its authenticity.

Our portal in its publications repeatedly returned to this slippery theme because we are sure that it is a dirty provocation if not to say more – artificial creation of casus belli. It appears that clear-headed European politicians in OSCE have the same opinion. They are not in a hurry to provide their representatives to the “independent” incident investigation board. As always, the first in the line are NATO newcomers and closest US allies in Europe – Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. “Independence” of these experts is out of any criticism long ago therefore there are no grounds to expect any sound and impartial report of them.

Moreover, an information leaked to the press that the report is ready long ago, and conclusions of the “independent” board are of no importance. So, at the instigation of Washington “the respectful experts” a priory agreed that “an unidentified fighter” was detected in the Abkhaz aerospace, this fighter shot down the Georgian reconnaissance drone and has flown towards Russia. You see that nobody affirms anything, but the conclusion is forced upon you. What other plane could fly towards Russia? Sure, it was not German one…

You have to hand it to the Americans; they are not limited with this simple and plain trick. During a fortnight since the day of incident they performed various briefings for European politicians. They showed slides to explain what is a difference between Abkhaz L-39 and Russian MiG-29 that allegedly shot down the Georgian UAV. (Let us recall that the Georgian video shows a double-fin fighter called MiG-29 by the Georgian and American sides.)

At one presentation in OSCE the Americans overplayed and provided a photo of fighter MiG-29 (side number 2908) of the German Air Force launching an air-to-air missile with a white vapor path. Such direct similarities so perturbed the German diplomat that he immediately disassociated Bundeswehr from the incident in the sky of Abkhazia. So, as they say, the truth is somewhere there.

This entire story from the very beginning looked like a detective, now due to efforts of the Pentagon propaganda specialists it evidently looks like a scandal. Georgia and USA have no and cannot have any evidence of Russia’s involvement in the UAV incident. As they say, they try to catch Russia with indirect evidence and use absolutely different rules of play. Something like, only Moscow has MiGs in its arsenal in the region, and only “the party of war” in the Kremlin is in loss from détente in the Caucasus…

What could we say in this case? It is a peace of cake to make a video like the Georgian one. There are lots of double-fin aircraft including MiG-29 in the world. The Russian aircraft are available not only with the Russian Air Force but also with NATO states and USA itself. In so doing they are not in museums but fly and sometimes launch missiles …

Besides, we should not forget that nobody yet proved that the Georgian video is authentic. And there is no need to disregard the Abkhaz Air Defense, it is quite effective and armed with efficient weapons, including the L-39 jets.

As for the question who gains benefits from the aerial incident, the answer is evident. It is a party that shamelessly fabricates the falsehood (it even indirectly besmeared the Germans for some purpose!) promoting its far-reaching goals. It’s a party of Saakashvili who faces new parliamentary election, it’s a party of the USA and NATO making efforts to establish their control over a strategic region, it’s a party of young Europeans who suffer pathology of Russophobia.

In such situation, there only remains for Russia to shoot its own movie…