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Mess in Georgia – Thoughts of Veteran

13.05.2008 16:53

A.P. Sergeyev
WWII veteran

The “meals” cooked in the “political kitchen” of Tbilisi have nasty taste long ago. The ideas and actions of Georgian politicians are beyond comprehension by clearheaded people grown in the common Soviet state.

The decades of friendship and mutual respect of fraternal nations made us accustomed to think that a visiting card of any “ghenatsvale” (“dear friend” in Georgian) is wisdom, judiciousness and open heart. So, we cannot understand the actions of “batono” Saakashvili and his retinue consisting of young politicians, for whom the word - Motherland is just a few sounds or convenient cover for provision of their personal (but not national) interests.

Grown not in fresh air of the Caucasus mountains but in smoke of London streets and American avenues, they were raised not on the poems of Shota Rustaveli but on “the mass culture of hippies and various subcultures of cosmopolitism”. As judged by the conduct and actions, these “citizens of world” are not the members of their nation already long ago in spite of the fact that they succeeded in lulling the vigilance and cheating the Georgian nation when they came to power by hook or by crook against the background of the collapse and devastation in the period of Shevarnadze.

Everything they do now overturns the historical memory, experience of many generations and thousand-year-long history of their forefathers at one stroke. The adventurism, craftiness, fraud, indifference and meanness lately became key features of the “Punch” regime in Tbilisi.

These features to a certain extent were inherent to the period of American conquest and genocide of local Indians (that was a period of turning a new leaf when nations raised by the hypocritical Inquisition created new states, in which their descendants see no cause for pride now) but today such conduct is just not understandable for a civilized man.

Evidently due to their involvement and dependence upon those who feeds them, Saakasvili and “new Georgian politicians” forgot or just failed to understand what is the memory and pride of the real Georgians from the cradle to the death – there is nothing more valuable than the memory of forefathers, love of the Motherland, loyalty to the given word and strong friendship with neighbors…

If we look at the developments in Georgia at this angle, the current situation there resembles a tenth-rate blockbuster: the Georgian land is occupied by unknown “humanoids” who decided to build an absolutely new, free-of-historical-past state by using the standards of aliens from other galaxy. But they fail to create anything, everything collapses. Therefore they blame on the “internal” enemies from the Earth civilization and close neighbors for all their own failures and amateurish errors…

So, everything is in mess. And this mess is a convenient environment to escape with “a dripping roast” even if you failed to implement your intentions…