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22.02.2008 11:08

Dimitry Babich

Javier Solana EU Representative for the Security Policy, during his meeting with so-called “Prime Minister of Kosovo” Hashim Tachi emphasized that the Balkan region is on the eve of a new epoch. Secession of Kosovo from Serbia will expressly demonstrate that “aspirations of nations towards the freedom and democracy can overcome any political prejudices”.

It is difficult to specify exactly what Solana meant for “political prejudices” however it seems that in this context the point at issue is the territorial integrity of a particular country.

According to this Euro-official, peace and stability may be restored only through independence of Kosovo. In other words, to extinguish a fire of ethnic hostilities it is quite possible to sacrifice 13 per cent of Serbia, the country that laid the basis of the United Nations.

Oil Renn, European Commissioner of Expansion Issues, was more careful in his statements. Speaking to “President of Kosovo” Fatmir Saidiu he only noted that Prishtina should become the last region in the parade of sovereignties in the Balkans.

Renn knows the regional policy well enough and understands that having surrendered Kosovo to the Albanian separatists the West gave not the best example to a number of countries in South-East Europe. In one of his recent interviews, the European Commissioner expressed his concern that the juridical declaration of independence by Kosovo does not guarantee that the peninsular will not be divided into mini-states. There are all preconditions for it…

…Recent events at Border Check Points in Yarinya and Brnyaka when a crowd of Serbs smashed UNMiK CPs, show that the population of Northern Kosovo represented mostly by the Slavs will never agree to become “freemen of free Prishtina”.

Moreover, leaders of the Serbian community seriously discuss a possibility of Mitroviza secession from the rebellious region with subsequent entry in Serbia. According to experts, it may occur already before the end of this year: Northern Kosovo has a developed administrative structure, and there are about a dozen of informal and state organizations in Belgrade that render assistance to Serbs in Kosovo. Evidently, neither Albanian Police nor KFOR is in position today to prevent the split of Kosovo, at the same time Mitroviza does not care any more of the opinion of such partisan structures as the EU and UNO.

The authorities of Serb Republic claimed that they are going to hold a referendum on secession from Bosnia. President of Serb Republic Raiko Kuzmanovich emphasized that “after Kosovo nobody will be able to restrain the will of local Serbs”. According to recent public opinion surveys, about 90 per cent of the Serb Republic population stand in favor of complete independence from Sarajevo. More than 60 per cent of the people see Banya Luka as a part of Serbia. Herzegovina, which population is represented mostly by the Croats, also does not exclude a possibility of referendum on secession from the moslem Bosnia&Herzegovina federation.

Inspired by the doubtful victory of Kosovo separatists, Albanian extremists make efforts to create an independent state in North Macedonia, the country that provided shelter to thousands of Albanian Kosovars in 1998-1999. The Monte Negro Albanians, who lived for centuries in full harmony with the Slavs just proposed to establish a pro-Kosovo autonomous territory in the mountains…

…Even certain supporters of independent Prishtina note that the true existence of the new state in the Balkan map needs years. When elation of “drunk fireworks” is over, Saidiu, Tachi and Cheku will understand that the past may be eliminated within years but construction of the future needs decades.

Currently, Kosovo is a hotbed of criminality and corruption – the majority of private cars running in the region are on the international wanted list, former UCK leaders escaped to Prishtina and Gnilan and reside there yet they are subject to the international arrest warrant. For money the Albanian authorities in Kosovo may issue a passport not worse than that of Solana, Renn and others.

A reasonable question arises: what for Washington and EU are lobbying the terrorist state in Balkan Kosovo simultaneously denying the right of Serb Republic, Republic of Serb Kraina and Eastern Slavonia for self-determination? One thing is clear: the European Union tries to use its own template to cut out a new “South-Eastern suit” by recommendation of Solana, a man who initiated bombardments of Belgrade. But the Western template for the Balkans does not guarantee a high quality…