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India Placing Its Stake on America

30.01.2008 17:00

Peter Pafnutyev

According to The Times of India with reference to the Ministry of Defense, India is ready to buy eight US-made antisubmarine aircraft Boeing P8i (Poseidon) that should replace the current fleet of Tu-142M.

The American planes have been recognized the best in the class, and nowadays the parties discuss the details of the commercial deal. It is expected that the contract will be concluded shortly. The value of the contract will be about 2 billion US Dollars that will be the largest deal in the history of the indian-American cooperation.

First aircraft Boeing P-8i will be delivered within 48 months (in mid 2012), all eight aircraft will be shipped in mid 2015. The Poseidons should replace Soviet-made antisubmarine aircraft Tu-142M that are currently used in the Indian Armed Forces.

India and USA are also in the final phase on their negotiations on procurement of six transports C-130J Super Hercules for about 1 billion Dollars.

This deal is one of the largest contracts concluded with the USA in the sphere of defense acquisition. It is confirmed by Jane?s Defense Weekly with reference to an official of the Indian Cabinet Committee of Security (CCS). The USA expects to fulfill this deal through Foreign Military Sales (FMS).

Aircraft C-130 expected to be purchased by India will be equipped with Radar Homing and Waning System AN/AAR-47. These new aircraft will supplement the Indian AF transport fleet consisting mainly of Soviet and Russian-made planes. They are to ensure higher combat capabilities of seven special operation battalions. By 2010, the number of such units will be increased up to 10.

In case of successful signing, both contracts will become a US breakthrough to the Indian weapon market because all preceding deals were ten times smaller. The transport Herculeses and antisubmarine Boeings will be the first American aircraft bought by the India in last 50 years.

Boeing and Lockheed Martin have an opportunity to exploit the success if they win a tender for 126 multi-purpose fighters for the Indian AF for a total amount of more than 10 billion US Dollars. They will have to compete with Russian MiG, French Dassault, Swedish SAAB and European Eurofighter.

The Indian Ministry of Defense also prepares a new international tender for military helicopters. According to mass media, it is going to purchase 312 light helicopters. An estimated amount of the deal is 1 billion Dollars.

The respective letters of invitation have been already forwarded to four manufacturers. Under the contract it is expected to replace obsolete helicopters Cheetah and Chetak, which service life has expired already.

The letters of invitation have been sent to Russian company Kamov, American Bell, European Eurocopter and Italian-British Augusta Westland.

During the last eight years India spent 25 billion Dollars on procurement of weapons. In 2007-2012, it plans to spend 30 billion Dollars. Until recent time, the largest partner of India in the military-technical sphere was Russia followed by Israel and France.