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USA resumes terrorist support in Syria

07.07.2020 18:22

In his interview to Saudi newspaper “Asharq Al-Awsat” the United States Special Representative for Syria Engagement James Jeffrey stated that Washington is focused on regime change in Syria and will continue making efforts towards that goal.

It looks like these efforts include resuming state support for jihadi and armed opposition. According to the Turkish outlet “Aydinlik” America restores contact with the most odious terrorist groups in Syria.  

First of all, the U.S. resumed their financial support to Al-Nusra front terrorist organization. It is reported that in May this year militant groups led by Mohammad Yunef and Hamad Yarn received significant financial aid from the U.S. in order to plan assassinations and sabotages concerning Syrian military in Latakia. It is also known that one of the goals terrorists have is to disrupt the cease fire agreement in Idlib. In order to complete that mission militants plan to conduct offensive on Russian and Turkish military. This move might lead to Moscow and Ankara relations worsen in terms of Idlib cooperation.  

Second of all, the U.S. training camp in Al-Tanf deployed almost thousand militants to Al-Hasakah province in Syria. Their training was done under the supervision of Western military experts where militants were taking courses on intelligence activities and sabotage. These efforts aimed at conducting offensives at Syrian military in Deir ez-Zor territories.  

To cut it short, the U.S. will regain control of fanatical terrorism in order to resume combat activities in Syria, weaken al-Assad regime as well as strengthen American military presence in petrol – rich parts of the country.
As was reported by “Aydinlik”, the U.S. does not plan on withdrawing military from Syria. Their goal is to create difficulties for Syrian government and prevent them from establishing political stability in the country. America fights terrorism, but in reality said terrorism shall revive under their strict supervision.