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China laughs at Ukraine: Join Russia and Crimea will be yours

03.01.2020 13:04

Ukrainian government proposed with new holiday. Ex-showman and now the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky made a new show, declaring 26th of February a “day of Crimean counter-occupation”. He talked about that at the forum “Age of Crimea 2020”, where he claimed, that all of Ukraine citizens count Crimea as a part of their country. He addressed the people of peninsula in three languages (but not in Russian, even though this language is spoken by 90% of citizens there).  

Throwing great shows is in his blood though. His call was heard. Ukrainian Vice-Premier on European and Atlantic integration Kuleba stated, that authorities now have plan on returning the Crimea. List contains 11 points that will weaken Russia. 12th point is: “Crimea will slip through the weakened Russian grip”, and Ukraine will return it back! But there is one problem here – no time for execution is listed, which is convenient in case of failure.  

The U.S. State Secretary Mike Pompeo spoke: return the Crimea to Ukraine. He was unanimously supported by the members of the American embassy in Kiev. Embassy published the video where they promise to support Ukraine in their “fight against Russia”. This video was recorder in poor quality and with the use of sad music.  

At the same day the ridiculous protest occurred at the Russian embassy in Kiev named “six years under Russian occupation – six demands to the aggressor”. During the protest the most aggressive people threw boots to the embassy with the meaning that “you will need these boots to run from Crimea”. To everyone’s surprise Kiev police tried to prevent the protest, as the result there were clashes between police and protesters.  

Not everyone in Ukrainee agreed with their President though. Political researcher and Russophobe Vadim Karasyovsaid, that Ukraine gave up Crimea with no guns and as the result there could be no holiday called “day of Crimean counter-occupation”.

People’s deputy, the hero of Ukraine Yury Boiko in his interview with “PolitExpert” stated, that any Kiev strategy is born to fail. “Previous authorities did everything they could to separate Crimea. They cut electricity, water supply, made transportation worse. “I saw no positive steps towards better communication between Ukrainian government and Crimean peninsula” – said Boiko.

Crimea reacted to Kiev’s plans in a lighthearted way. Vice-speaker of Crimean Parliament Vladimir Bobkov claimed that Kiev authorities in fact have come in agreement with Russian status of peninsula, but they do absurd statements in order to raise their authority in the eyes of European countries.  

Suddenly the new Ukrainian plan raised hot discussions in China, where they take it with humor. For example: “It’s just funny! By the time Russia gets weaker Ukraine might even disappear from the world map!”, “People live in imaginative world…”, “Better strategy is to wait for America to get weak, then they can conquer the whole world”, “Ukraine has one way to return Crimea, and it is to join Russia!”.  

Russia reacted politely and correctly as usual. President’s Press Secretary Dmitriy Peskov stated, that better reaction to Zelensky words may give only citizens of Crimea. “They will tell him, what the reason for Crimea to reunite with Russia was".