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The Doctor Trump

01.04.2020 16:57

In the midst of the epidemic, the us leadership is confident that it is appropriate to release prisoners, so to speak, "ahead of time", just not to spend medicines on them under the pretext of «preventing the spread of coronavirus in institutions of execution and punishment».

Of course, the pandemic that has crippled the top of the White House has not yet reached president Donald Trump. However, the confirmed cases of infection of his closest advisers and aides will contribute to escalating the situation and creating an image of the government`s helplessness.

A nightmare and a catastrophe – this is how you can describe what is happening in the Trumpian Kingdom. It is obvious that the number of infected people will continue to grow rapidly, and precautions totally don`t help reality. The infected states have already introduced National Guard troops and started to use hospital ships. But it`s clear that the population doesn`t trust the government and is preparing to protect "their houses" with rifles and revolvers.

A country that tries to dictate its terms of behavior to the whole world can`t effectively cope with the virus and the huge number of unemployed. Ineffective Trump management forces people to go out on the street, despite the bans, and demand necessary actions. The latest decision to release prisoners from prisons with allegedly insignificant terms call into question Washington's reputation. Those released from prison and destitute due to the internal economic crisis are an ideal tool that can be used by opposition forces in the process of presidential race.

Despite the out-of-the-ordinary domestic policy, the United States is trying not to forget about the foreign one: indirectly «fight» with Iran, firing at Iranian bases in Syria, lose the deal with the Taliban terrorists, giving them important territories in Afghanistan, and the «promoted in Media» exercises «Defender of Europe 2020». We can only wonder how American propaganda will hide all the weaknesses of their bosses.

Finnaly, the American channel «CNN» admitted that the US fighting with the coronavirus is in a worse condition than the situation in Russia, where the number of infected people doesn`t exceed 500 persons in a few weeks, and the only case of death from the coronavirus remains in question. In comparison with the United States, these figures are extremely small, and due to the economic power of the States, even insulting. Whether "doctor" Trump will continue to treat infected people not with actions, but with promises, we will see in the coming weeks…