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The EU is under threat. Who is blame?

15.04.2020 16:42

It isn`t the first time we have heard that the European Union is something abstract and achievable only in an ideal World. As soon as there is a threat or crisis before the Union, the maples of this Union prefer to act alone, thus showing complete disregard for all the statutes and treaties of the Union.

The year 2020 has presented the World and the European Union with a new threat - the COVID-2019 virus. And it immediately became clear that the Union of European States is not a single organism. The EU is an Empire that exists only in theory. The COVID-2019 virus pandemic has shown that in times of real crisis, it is the sovereign nation-state that remains the only community that Europeans can count on.

It is understandable. It is one thing to stand up to Russia, to be intimidated by the «Russian threat», and to try to prevent Moscow's global projects, which in reality bring great benefits to the EU. Another thing is a virus. And we see how a strong established region immediately gave way. United Europe closed borders and divided into hundreds of States, as it was in the last century before the creation of the EU. From what they left, to what they came, and even the years of the civilized world could not settle the medieval contradictions and ambitions of forgotten kingdoms and principalities.

But, what is it and who needs it? The Canadian research center Global Research, on March 19, reported that «the only possible source of origin of COVID-2019 is the United States, because only this country has all the branches of THE covid-2019 evolutionary tree.» The original source of the COVID-2019 virus was the US military laboratory at Fort Detrick.

Just before the outbreak began in the United States, the military Bio LAB at Fort Detrick was closed. It conducted experiments with such dangerous microbes and toxins as the Ebola virus, smallpox, anthrax, plague, and the poison ricin. Epidemiological outbreaks have been studied, which perfectly confirms that the US is well versed in the technique of «divide and rule» and uses it at every convenient opportunity.

States are going through difficult times, as are people. However, the conclusion everyone comes to mind is the same. First, countries are coming to the realization that they can only rely on themselves and their forces. Second, old geopolitical instincts are waking up, subdued by the EU condition. Third, interstate ties are being tested for their strength. This is the kind of breakdown we can see in relation to the members of the European Union. We will soon see that this is the Decline of the old European Union or domestic quarrels in the European family.