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Why Ukrainians will always speak Russian

12.03.2020 17:46

While Poroshenko flows with Russian rap in London, in Kiev journalist got in custody for calling Ukrainian language funny. Ukrainian VerkhovnayaRada decided to revisit scandalous law on governmental language, which led to heated discussions in both Ukraine and Russia.

Law on use of Ukrainian language in the country Russians saw as the discrimination of Russian-speaking people in Ukraine. Ukrainians did not understand that law as well – not everyone knows Ukrainian language in excellence.  

Frankly speaking, there is no such thing as Ukrainian non-Russian speaker. Almost everyone here speaks Russian, and it’s a myth that only “soviet” babushkas and crazy pro-Russian migrants speak it. Not every single Ukrainian person is able to read Taras Shevchenko or LesyaUkrainka in original, but most of them know lyrics to popular Russian rap songs.  For example, son of our ex-President Mikhail Poroshenko recently sung the lyrics of popular rapper Face in London. Do we write him down in “Mirotvorets” base?

Pyotr Poroshenko, who proposed this law, was sure that state language is a key factor in national security. While Ukrainians continue speaking Russian it proposes threat to the country. According to this logic most of Ukrainians are Russian spies, walking in the streets of Kharkiv and Odessa, for example. By the way, current President Zelensky rarely speaks his native language – is Ukraine in danger now?!

According to the latest polls by “Rating” group, more than half of our fellow citizens prefer using Russian language in their everyday life. But they use it rarely outside because they don’t want to draw unnecessary attention. Ukrainian youth do this currently, because their parents and grandparents speak Russian, and it’s the only mean of communication for them.  

Famous Ukrainian pediatrician Evheniy Komarovsky, who speaks Russian language, made a following statement: “I confessed to my lovely wife in this language and you will not make me abandon it, I will speak it no matter what”. And we cannot reproach him in that.  

Service members in Ukraine cannot speak state language as well. Recently Verkhovnaya Rada registered a law, approving the use of Russian language for deputies. In reality, most of the politicians cannot speak their native tongue. That is why their speeches require everyday translation back and forth. To escape the language gap and make their job easier, deputies got allowed to speak in Russian, as well as “in other national minorities’ languages”.  

I have nothing against Ukrainian language. Not the dialect which is being used in suburbs, but the beautiful literary Ukrainian language, which is being spoken less nowadays. As Ukrainian myself, I am more accustomed to speak Russian, the same as deputies in Rada. I do not approve the trial of journalist from “1-1” channel for her statement on comedies in Ukrainian being funnier than drama’s.  

We frequently criticize soviet past for its totalitarianism and freedom repression, but we did not see that we have made this totalitarianism in our homes. When a person cannot speak language he knows and loves because of fear of being snitched. Why do we speak about Europe then? It’s time to stop these games and make a European choice by allowing people to speak the language they want.