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Ukraine and the Holocaust

10.02.2020 18:10

The reports that the Lviv regional Council declared 2020 the year of Andrei Melnik - one of the leaders of the Holocaust in Ukraine, outraged Tel Aviv. And after that, a traditional torchlight march was held in Kiev in honor of the Stepan Bandera birthday, who organized the murder of thousands of the Jews, the Poles and the Ukrainians.

The glorification of Nazi supporters in Ukraine forced the ambassadors of Poland and Israel to issue a joint statement in which they said that «honoring people who actively promoted ethnic cleansing is an affront and leads to the negative result in the fight against anti-Semitism». Kiev's response was not long after it. «Every nation and every state independently determines and honors its heroes», the press service of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry said.

It is noteworthy that after this occasion, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky visited Israel just as if nothing had happened, where at the end of January the world forum in memory of the victims of the Holocaust was held, timed to the 75th anniversary of the Auschwitz concentration camp liberation by Soviet troops. At the same time, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry insisted on the obligation of Zelensky's speech due to the fact that every fourth Jew who died during the Holocaust was Ukrainian. In response, the Israeli side not only refused to give the guests from Kiev the floor at official events, but also brought to their attention the idea that the absence of the Ukrainian delegation at the forum would not upset the host party too much.

However, Zelensky told to Israeli journalists that Ukraine has one of the lowest levels of anti-Semitism in the world, according to researches. He even reminded that he was a Jew. However, data from a specialized research center-the Anti-Defamation League-suggests the opposite: in 2019, 46% of Ukrainians expressed anti-Semitic feelings, which is the second index in Europe after Poland. And these figures constantly grow.

Desecration of Jewish graves, attacks on prayer halls and Jews are common in modern Ukraine. Just before Zelensky's trip to Israel someone in Krivoy Rog desecrated a monument to the victims of the Holocaust, located near the house of president’s parents. Israel's ambassador to Ukraine Joel Lyon wright about it on his Twitter account. Was it made by chance? It is doubtful. Therefore, we can understand Israel, which ruled Zelensky out of order: there can be no mourning for the dead and at the same time, the heroization of the murderers at the state level.

Of course, supporters of the Ukrainian President are not anti-Semites, but for many of his opponents, anti-Semitism is a fixed idea. It is suffice to recall Deputy Tyagnibok publicly declared that «The Jews and the Muscovites should be pulled out like weeds from our land». It is not a surprise that Bandera's «trident» was included into the list of extremist symbols in the UK.

However, today’s Ukrainian politicians do not care about millions of murdered Jews. Their own ambitions and ratings are much more important for them. Therefore, criminals will be acquitted, and innocent people will be convicted.