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Serbia warned about US attempts to deprive Russia of its right to possess North Sea Route

16.10.2019 19:39

According to the journalist Zoran Milosevic of the Serbian publication "Pechat", the United States is aimed at depriving Russia of the right to the Northern Sea Route, as allegedly testified by the new "Northern Doctrine", RIA Novosti writes.

As the author recalled in an article, the United States in May 2019, during a meeting with countries bordering the Arctic, made clear to Canada that it "must forget about its right to the north-western Arctic corridor." In addition, China was requested to close the station in Norway and Iceland and to stop investing in the Northern Sea Route infrastructure.

Thus, Washington is striving for the Northern Sea Route to become common, and not Russian, Milosevic is sure.

In addition, the Northern Sea Route is important for the United States as a means of pressure on Russia, since for it it is not only an international logistics corridor, but also an internal transport artery.