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New US provocation in the Arctic

08.10.2019 18:25

Stacy Dementieff

The US Navy in August this year, in violation of the rules established by the Russian Federation on the passage of foreign warships on the Northern sea route (NSR), planed to make a Transarctic transition of heterogeneous group of warships in the Arctic ocean, which Russia considers its territory.

In recent years, the United States of America are seriously concerned about the fact that Russia in the Arctic has a huge advantage over all countries that are members of the Arctic Council, which is expressed not only in the possession of military force in the region, but also in the pace of development of natural resources and infrastructure development of the Arctic.

In its quest to prevent Russia from gaining influence in the Arctic region, Washington is ready to go to the most extreme measures, including provocations involving its armed forces. The degree of anti-Russian statements of American politicians especially increased after the Russian Federation introduced rules of passage through the NSR for foreign trade and cargo ships on January 1, 2019.

Moreover, in accordance with the rules, warships under foreign flags are now required to notify the Russian side in advance of the intention to pass the NSR, and after approval to put on Board the Russian pilot. These steps taken by the Russian government became a forced measure designed to ensure the safety of navigation in the Arctic zone and to neutralize the attempts of the United States and its allies to challenge the affiliation of the NSR to the Russian Federation.

Thus, the Pentagon continues to deliberately escalate the situation in the Arctic region, by all means trying to challenge Russia's ownership of the Northern sea route under the pretext that the Transarctic transition should be an open international transport artery initiating and spreading Russophobic sentiments among the world community.