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MAKS-2019 demonstrated the superiority of Russia in the aerospace sector

05.09.2019 14:27

The International Aviation and Space Salon, better known as MAKS 2019, attracts thousands of local and foreign experts, manufacturers and businessmen to its exhibitions, roundtables and conferences every two years, featuring the latest achievements and new tech in the aviation sector. This year’s event brought together nearly 600,000 participants and guests from 33 countries.

As part of the event, shows of modern technology created by Russian specialists using innovative developments were held. In particular, the most advanced MiG-35 and Su-57 fighters were demonstrated, which were successfully tested during the Russian military campaign in Syria, the export version of the Il-76 MD-90AE military transport aircraft and much more.

At the same time, the fifth-generation Su-57 fighter was of primary interest - especially from Ankara. Recall that in the opening ceremony of the forum, together with Russian President Vladimir Putin, his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan took part. The meeting of the presidents took place against the backdrop of news that Washington refused to supply Ankara with F-35 fighter jets. Natural was the question of Erdogan about the possibility of purchasing the latest aircraft from Russia. Thus, the countries once again confirmed their readiness to further build up mutually beneficial strategic partnerships.

According to Vladimir Popov, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Aviano Panorama magazine, MAKS-2019 has become a vivid example of the fact that Russia has not only retained the aerospace industry, but also has promising developments in this field, significantly ahead of its foreign partners in this regard. “The air show is a concentration of the latest technical solutions in the aerospace field. Samples exhibited at the event are unique. Almost no state can compare with Russia in this area, the expert noted. - The uniqueness of our aviation salon is that we stand out from all the strong aviation powers. Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France, China, India and several states in South America - they represent themselves segmentally; they will not master the entire range of aviation on such a scale. No country in the world except Russia. ”

The expert also noted that in the production of machines only domestic technologies and materials are used. Which, in turn, adds “bonuses” to the “technical piggy bank” of Russia. In particular, the ability to withstand the "sanction pressure" of the West.